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    If You Don't Find These 38 Products Absolutely Hilarious Then I'll Just Jog On I Guess

    "Hahahahaha" – me to every one of these products.

    1. Firstly, I don't think I've ever seen a funnier sponge holder than this opera-singing lady in a tub.

    2. This hilarious mug will make the perfect gift for your pal that's a few months older than you.

    3. Simply add your glasses to complete the masterpiece that is this carved wooden ornament.

    4. This aptly-named Pick-a-Boo toothpick dispenser basically does what it says on the tin.

    5. And this malicious spoon *technically* isn't wrong.

    6. This 'Oiladdin' bottle pourer and stopper makes it super easy to get *just* the right amount of drizzle.

    7. And this 'Splatypus' spatula is made out of silicone so you can get every last drop out of your peanut butter and jam jars!

    8. Wrap yourself up into a literal toasty burrito thanks to this tortilla blanket.

    9. Warning: people who are emotionally attached to the original The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse book *might* not appreciate this hilarious parody: The Panda, The Cat and the Dreadful Teddy.

    10. Don't let your fine wine go down the drain thanks to this wine stopper that looks like a teeny tiny toilet plunger.

    11. Speaking of wine, remind your siblings of their familial duties by wearing these fluffy socks.

    12. Need somewhere to store your pen, lipstick, or glasses? Never fear, this mini weightlifting crab is here.

    13. I can't get over the irony of this garlic-slaying vampire. It'll peel and mince the evil (but delicious) substance while keeping your hands odour-free.

    14. This mini portable Henry Hoover 1) exists, and 2) actually sucks up crumbs and dust from your desktop!

    15. Make this swear word colouring book even more ~colourful~ by filling it in!

    16. These toast tongs are absolutely quacking.

    17. Okay, this bogey man egg separator might be a little bit gross, but you can't deny it's also downright hilarious.

    18. These fridge magnets look like little cat bums and I think that's all I need to say about the matter.

    19. Display your great taste in music with this undeniably cool headphones stand.

    20. Allow me to introduce you to the spaghetti monster – AKA your new favourite pasta strainer ever. Its googly eyes become the handles!

    21. Sprinkle some magic (okay, seasoning) over your dishes with these fairy wand salt and pepper shakers. A dramatic flounce around the kitchen afterwards is optional, but encouraged.

    22. Put your washing-up sponge to rest in this bed frame holder complete with pillows after a hard day at work. It's designed to drain the sponge and keep it dry!

    23. This cat-shaped fried egg mould is perfect if you prefer your eggs funny side up (I am so sorry).

    24. These heat-resistant gloves look (and I cannot stress this enough) like lil' lobster claws!

    25. While this inconspicuous tomato soup tin doesn't look that funny, you'll sure have a giggle when your family don't realise that's where you've stashed all the expensive cookies. You can also use it to store money and other valuables!

    26. I just thought you'd like to know about this loose leaf tea infuser that looks like a dog chilling over the rim of your teacup.

    27. This angry little lady cleans the inside of your microwave with the vinegar-infused steam coming out of her head.

    28. This unbeakably handy pelican will hold your cleaning cloth, kitchen sponge and a bar of soap!

    29. This little silicone witch will hold your pot lid open to release steam and makes a great spoon rest too!

    30. There's something so comical-yet-charming about these lil' fishermen that hold your teabags while they seep.

    31. I just think you should know that this chicken egg holder basket exists.

    32. And these huddled penguins will determinedly hold their eggs while they're boiling and being served.

    33. This Karl Marx coin bank might be more ironic than funny per se, but I still think it's worth a mention. It'd make a fab ornament for your book shelf!

    34. I find this carrot contraption highly apeeling. It even creates pencil shaving-esque peels!

    35. This coin-stealing panda money box is as hilarious as it is adorable.

    36. This T-shirt is basically the perfect gift for your pal who loves ketchup.

    37. This cherry-shaped toilet brush looks like something straight out of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!

    38. Finally this Friends-themed keyring will show your bestie just how much you love them.