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    17 Things That Would Definitely Have Happened If “Friends” Was Actually “Eastenders”

    It’s the British-American crossover you never know you needed!

    Hi I’m Valëza and I’m *slightly* more obsessed with Friends and Eastenders than your average person. If you're like me and have always wondered what would happen if the lighthearted comedy about six good pals was to collide with the ~dramatic~ world of Albert square, then look no further!

    1. First thing’s first, rather than leaving Barry on their wedding day, Rachel would have married him for his money and then pushed him off the edge of a cliff.

    On the left Rachel from Friends is talking and wearing a wedding dress, on the right Janine pushes Barry off the edge of a cliff in Eastenders
    NBC / BBC

    I mean, both grooms are called Barry! This storyline basically writes itself.

    2. Central perk would have probably been more dimly-lit, had an ~antique-chic~ style of decor, and smelled of slightly stale beer.

    NBC / BBC

    They’d also have dropped the name in favour of something more traditional, like ‘The Royal Mug’.

    3. Speaking of which, Gunther would absolutely have whacked Ross over the head with an extra-large coffee cup (or the bust of Queen Vic).


    He’d probably pin the "murder" on Emily and end up getting away with it.

    4. Ross’s body would then mysteriously disappear, and he’d come back from the "dead" after spending a few months in sunny Malaga.


    Probably with a new wife in tow, let’s be honest.

    5. As a brunette, leopard print-loving queen, Janice would NOT be considered a whiny, melodramatic person but rather a strong and powerful force of influence within the square (okay, the Lower East Side).

    BBC / NBC

    Janice is New York’s answer to Kat Slater – you heard it here first!

    6. Phoebe would have gained a reputation for her outrageously fabulous statement earrings.

    NBC / BBC

    She’s probably the only person in the group who could pull off Pat Butcher’s ~eclectic~ style!

    7. Forget Ralph Lauren, Rachel would have had her own fashion-focused market stall with only the *hottest* garms, carefully selected by her.

    NBC / BBC

    And Phoebe and Monica would always make a stop by Rach’s stall before going for a night out on the town.

    8. And instead of working as a chef, Monica would have run the local cafe to such a high standard, it would become the top greasy spoon in town.

    NBC / BBC

    Ian Beale could never!

    9. Hear me out – instead of Phoebe just having a romantic dream about Jack Geller, he would have actually fathered her baby at one point.

    NBC / BBC

    Phoebe and Jack had the potential to be the Stateside Dirty Den and Michelle, I’m just saying!

    10. At least one of the gang would have a bald head – my money’s on Joey.

    BBC / NBC

    I mean, we already know he can rock a leather jacket!

    11. And don't ask me why, but I feel Chandler would probably be the Ian Beale to Joey’s Phil Mitchell.

    BBC / NBC

    They’d have their rough patches (see: head-down-the-toilet saga), but they’d be there for each other when it mattered most.

    12. Phoebe and David’s breakup definitely wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did, she would have probably waited till the day of their wedding and then jilted him at the altar.

    NBC / BBC

    Mike would still have won Phoebe’s heart – but at what cost?!

    And I am so sorry to do this, but the ending simply wouldn’t have gone down the way it did in season 10 of Friends – here’s what I think would have happened instead:


    13. Ross would have indeed been too late to catch Rachel and she would have got ON the plane.


    And in classic Eastenders fashion, there wouldn’t have been any phone calls or sensible conversations about their feelings until Rachel decided to move back from Paris roughly 10 years later.

    14. Just as the group had left their beloved apartment to move into a new phase of their lives, Chandler would have met his untimely death via car crash.


    Leaving heartbroken Monica to raise twin babies Jack and Erica alone.

    15. Phoebe and Mike would have become owners of The Royal Mug (aka Central Perk).


    And they would keep the character of the place alive with their comical feuding and fighting ways.

    16. Joey would have moved into one of the spare rooms above The Mug and probably adopted a dog called Gherkin.


    Gherkin would slowly fill the void that Chandler left behind.

    17. HOWEVER, as Friends would now technically never "end" at least the hopeful ‘doof doof’ outro would always assure us that at least this isn't the end for our favourite characters!


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