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    I Tried The ‘Magic’ Tights That Look Like 10 Denier Ones But Are Actually Super Thick – Here’s My Honest Thoughts

    Will they live up to my expectations?

    If you hate the look of thick, opaque tights* so much that you’re willing to brave the cold with only the flimsy fabric of your 10 denier pair to protect your legs, then 1. Are we the same person? And 2. I’ve found a way we won’t have to sacrifice warmth for style – AKA these ‘magic’ tights.

    When worn, they’re supposed to look like sheer black tights, but they secretly have a super warm inner lining! When stretched, the tights reveal the ‘skin tone’ underneath, so it still looks like your legs – but warmer.

    Now, there is an obvious problem here – the ‘skin tone’ that peeks through is undeniably white, so unfortunately these tights won’t work for those with medium to deep skin tones. If you’ve found a similar pair that does cater to all skin tones or comes in different shades we’d love for you to share the link in the comments! But for now I’ll offer my review of the ones I had available to me:

    Firstly, the inner lining is unbelievably soft and warm!

    I presumed it would make my legs look a bit thicker in shape and size, but there wasn’t much of a noticeable difference at all when I put them on.

    If you usually remove your leg hair but at times just can’t be bothered, these tights will cover and smooth over whatever’s underneath (and yes, that includes everything from stubble to fully-grown hair!).

    They’re ladder and snag resistant.

    The section of the tights around your feet transitions to a regular tights material, which I think is a really cool feature.

    Let’s see how they compared to my original 10 denier tights:

    The tights do have a few notable cons – the fact that they wouldn't work for deeper skin tones for one…

    Overall: although they don’t look *exactly* the same as my beloved 10 dens, I’d happily wear these tights with mini skirts and dresses when it’s super cold out – to me, they’re the perfect compromise between feeling warm and looking good! Get them here for £14.99!