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    I Thought The Fitness Tracker Life Wasn't For Me Until I Tried This One From WHOOP

    It's the only thing that's gotten me back into running after a torn ligament!

    If, like me, you’ve tried multiple fitness trackers that just don’t work for you, then I suggest you take a look at WHOOP.

    This high-tech device tracks your fitness and helps you work towards personal performance goals based on the data you put into it as well as your lifestyle, encouraging healthy habits – both physical and mental – over time.

    As someone whose motivation levels have dipped massively in the last year or so, I can’t tell you what a difference my WHOOP tracker has made! I feel more informed about my body’s needs and more confident about getting back into an active lifestyle as a result.

    The bracelet-style tracker itself is lightweight and comfortable to wear – it genuinely feels like I’m wearing nothing at all *insert Stupid Sexy Flanders GIF here*.

    The SuperKnit band isn’t just comfy, but also looks pretty chic!

    One of my favourite features is the in-app Strain Coach, which tells you when you’ve reached your optimal strain level based on your heart rate and perceived level of exertion after each workout.

    During an activity the tracker lets me know when I’ve reached my optimal strain level via a lil' vibration through the wristband. It’s subtle, but reminds me to check my app and maybe take it a bit slower if I can see that my heart rate is a little too high.

    As recovery is key to optimising your fitness levels over time, tracking your sleep is another important element of the WHOOP device.

    The fact that the device doesn’t have a screen took some getting used to at first, but I actually love not having a constant reminder of how many calories I’ve burned or steps I’ve taken!

    Instead, you can choose what to track and how you're informed about it via the app on your phone!

    If you’re worried about setting up the high tech-sounding device, I can confirm the wristband and app couldn’t be easier to set up – even for a complete technophobe like me!

    Charging the tracker is super simple too – you charge the battery pack separately then slide it onto the tracker, so you won’t have to remove the tracker at all while it's charging up!

    And if a wristband isn't for you, not to worry, as the wearable technology is compatible with WHOOP's various accessories and apparel too!