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    48 Cheap Things Under £7 That Are Ridiculously Highly Rated By Customers

    People swear by them and they won't break the bank – what's not to love?!

    1. These lil' self-adhesive hooks are a sleek and stylish storage solution for your kitchen and bathroom.

    2. This makeup bag has a drawstring fastening, meaning you won't have to scramble around for your foundation and can securely close it in one easy pull.

    3. This handy peeler has a comfortable grip, is easy to manoeuvre, and its sharp, all-purpose blade works will all types of veggies.

    4. You can cook omelettes, poached, and scrambled eggs with ease using this handy microwavable container.

    5. This translucent mattifying powder is super cheap and super effective!

    6. These self-adhesive decoration clips are ideal for discreetly holding up fairy lights.

    7. This Lash Sensational mascara truly lives up to its name – the clever curved wand captures every lash to create maximum impact with minimum clumpiness!

    8. This hydrating moisturiser uses hyaluronic acid and trehalose to deeply nourish the skin, whilst the lightweight gel consistency ensures it doesn't feel greasy throughout the day.

    9. This surprisingly cheap eyelash growth serum will reinforce the roots of your natural lashes while also encouraging new, healthy ones to grow!

    10. This coconut curling cream smells SO good and will leave your locks feeling healthier, softer, and more manageable.

    11. These genius hair ties are popular for a reason – they'll keep a firm grip on your ponytail without creating any dents!

    12. This extra-strength hair serum is popular for a reason! It promises to smooth your strands, lock out humidity, and protect your hair from heat damage.

    13. This extension cable might be a *slightly* mundane purchase, but you know it'll come in handy – and it has over 2,000 reviews!

    14. This handy roll of duct tape can be used on pretty much anything and is incredibly strong!

    15. Customers swear by this superglue for its precise application, ease of use, and super strong hold!

    16. These self-adhesive wall strips are ideal for hanging pictures up without having to drill any holes in the wall!

    17. Customers swear that this lil' shampoo effectively soothed and treated their dandruff when absolutely nothing else could!

    18. These satin pillowcases will generate less friction for your hair and skin, so you can basically count them as an extra step in your beauty routine!

    19. This ~magic~ cleaning paste is gentle on surfaces but tough on stubborn stains, rust, and discolouration!

    20. This clever scrubbing sponge tackles tough stains, residue, and grime without scratching your pots and pans – oh, and you don't even need to use washing-up liquid for it to work!

    21. This super-effective degreasing solution puts in the hard work on your surfaces and fabrics so you don't have to!

    22. These teeny razors will help you create a speedy-yet-sleek arched brow, and they're also great for dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin!

    23. This nourishing hair mask is amazing for extremely dry hair – the ingredients are 98% natural and it'll leave your locks feeling super smooth and smelling delicious!

    24. These transparent wallets will keep your files tidy, protected, and colourful.

    25. Over 1,000 reviewers can vouch for these soft-grip ballpoint pens – 'cause let's be honest, you can never have too many!

    26. This hydrating body lotion helps to lock moisture into the skin for up to 24 hours – the lightweight formula won't feel greasy or heavy on your skin either!

    27. Use this soothing lavender essential oil in a diffuser, or dilute it with water to create your own relaxing room spray.

    28. This microwavable bowl will make it so much easier for you to fit a healthy breakfast into your morning routine.

    29. This mould remover spray promises impressive results with minimal effort – customers swear it tackled even stubborn black mould when nothing else could budge it!

    30. This grout reviver pen is easy to use and perfect for making the gaps between your bathroom tiles look as good as new!

    31. These easy-to-remove oven liners will catch any food and oils that might drip down, making cleaning the bottom of your oven SO much easier!

    32. This curl-activator cream helps to generate defined, bouncy curls with a lightweight hold – and the formula contains no sulphates, silicones, or parabens either!

    33. This DIY eyebrow dye kit will help you get up to 12 great-looking applications for a fraction of the price of getting it done professionally.

    34. If you're as obsessed as I am with Baylis & Harding's Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit scent, then you'll simply LOVE this set of three vitamin A, B, and C-infused hand washes.

    35. These handy felt pads will discreetly protect your furniture and hardwood floors from marks, scratches, and that horrible screeching sound!

    36. This spray adhesive will create a firm grip on even the roughest of textures!

    37. A measuring tape is kinda essential for every household, so might I suggest this durable one with over 2,000 reviews?!

    38. And this flexible tape measure is perfect for sewing, tailoring, and handcrafting!

    39. This lightweight moisturiser is infused with vitamin C and guarana to counteract dullness and smooth the skin's texture.

    40. This hose fitting starter set might be bang on seven quid rather than under it, but it comes with four different fittings to help you connect your hose to your tap with ease!

    41. This modelling clay is fun and easy to use at home – it has an air-drying formula so you won't need any special equipment to set it!

    42. If you love a scented candle but are wary of conventional lighters (or just clumsy like me), then you'll probably appreciate having some of these safety lighters dotted around the house.

    43. This 100% pure acetone is ideal for soaking off UV-treated nails – the 300ml bottle makes it excellent value for money!

    44. This velcro stick-on tape will make putting up lightweight fixtures such as prints and labels super easy!

    45. This set of soft-grip scissors will always come in handy!

    46. These felt tip markers are easy to wash off skin and clothing, so your little ones can get creative without having to worry about making a mess!

    47. This heavy-duty door stop works really well, according to over 1,000 customers!

    48. And finally, you only need a tiny amount of this highly-concentrated foot cream to make a real impact on dry, cracked heels – just in time for the weather warming up again!