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    You Are A Liar, Actress If You Say You’re Not Tempted By These 31 Genius Products Under £10

    If you're missing Ekin-Su and Davide's antics at least you can enjoy these!

    1. Get the *perfect* baked potatoes in under five minutes with these microwave cooker bags. They'll give your potatoes a fluffy middle AND prevent your hands from burning as you take them out!

    2. These clever lil' acne patches will absorb the gunk from your spots, protect them from bacteria, and create the optimum environment for them to heal.

    3. I bought this hair-smoothing stick recently and it's been a complete game changer for creating slicked-back hairstyles. Seriously, I thought nothing could tame my stubborn flyaways but this bad boy manages it, and with zero greasy residue too!

    4. This ice towel features a unique cooling system to draw the sweat away from your skin and cool you down instantly. It's prefect for this muggy weather we've been having!

    5. This affordable Simple face cream protects against sun rays, blue light, and pollution!

    6. Light this odour-eliminating candle to counterbalance ~potent~ cooking smells or just when you want to give your home a fresh feel.

    7. And pop some of these citronella tea lights in your garden lanterns to naturally repel flies, mosquitoes, and other unwanted bugs.

    8. These genius wine stoppers will create an airtight vacuum seal on your bottles to prevent the contents from getting sour.

    9. You can simply spray this shower cleaner onto your doors to leave them free from streaks and limescale – with zero scrubbing required!

    10. This memory foam eye mask moulds to the contours of your face to block out the maximum amount of light possible.

    11. Prevent blisters before they have a chance of forming thanks to this Compeed anti-blister stick.

    12. And if you can't stand your clothes clinging to you, this anti-static spray is the product for you!

    13. The Inkey List's iconic caffeine eye cream promises to give your under eyes a refreshed look by reducing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

    14. It's no secret that the entire shopping team adore this Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat. It helps manis last up to two. Full. Weeks. with no chipping or fading AND is just over a fiver!

    15. And I love to prep my nails for DIY manis with Sally Hansen's cuticle remover. It painlessly dissolves the excess skin around your nail beds in mere seconds.

    16. This toilet brush has flexible silicone bristles which are both more effective at cleaning and easier to keep clean themselves than non-silicone designs!

    17. And speaking of making chores easier, this washing machine cleaner dissolves hair, prevents blockages, and eliminates odours to help clean your clothes far more effectively.

    18. You can spray this SPF mist over your makeup. It's perfect for top-ups throughout the day or if you're always forgetting to apply sun cream before you doll yourself up.

    19. And this non-greasy scalp protection spray takes care of (arguably) the most sensitive and neglected part of your body while in the sun.

    20. Hate having to throw away the last drops of your favourite moisturiser? Save money and prevent waste with these teeny-tiny spatulas that can also be used in jars of food like peanut butter!

    21. I think it's time we all admitted that under-boob sweat is never fun. Luckily these reusable cotton liners exist to soak up sweat and prevent rubbing!

    22. This clever stain remover is specially designed to remove pesky deodorant and sweat stains from your clothes.

    23. And this bestselling maximum strength anti-perspirant will stop excessive sweating for up to five days at a time! You can shower as normal, as the powerful stuff is made to last.

    24. Speaking of powerful formulas in little bottles, this niacinamide serum helps to target blemishes, reduce the appearance of large pores, and smoothen any rough texture – all for under four quid!

    25. These stackable ice cube trays have a silicone base, so you can pop the cubes out with ease.

    26. And this genius tray makes slim ice cubes that'll fit through the neck of your water bottle! I also appreciate the easy-to-fill design that stops water from rebounding and spilling all over the sink.

    27. If you always struggle with cooking healthy meals for one, this microwave steamer box is about to make your life a whole lot easier. The versatile design includes a removable basket!

    28. You can use this stainless steel coffee scoop to seal up your coffee bag and keep the contents fresh.

    29. This powerful foaming toilet cleaner is super low-effort and extremely effective on stubborn stains, according to its rave reviews.

    30. Replace your regular laundry detergent with this reusable Ecoegg. It's kind to your skin and the environment and will cover you for up to 70 washes before it's due for a refill!

    31. Finally, these cooling migraine strips are ideal if you prefer to avoid medicinal treatments to headaches.