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    25 Genius Problem-Solving Products For Every Area Of Your Life

    From dry skin to grimy windows, we've got you covered!

    ✨ Skincare ✨

    1. Move over blotting papers and scooch down cakey powder, because this reusable face roller will mattify your skin in seconds!

    2. These clever little dots will conceal, protect, and heal your spots with minimal effort on your part.

    3. This intensely hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid serum is ideal for dehydrated skin.

    4. This Australian pink clay mask will help to decongest your pores without drying out your skin!

    5. This O'Keeffe's extra-strength hand cream has been a real hero for my drier-than-usual hands!

    6. If you're in need of some extra exfoliation, you can use this dry body brush before your morning shower to boost your circulation and keep your skin baby-soft.

    ✨ Cleaning ✨

    7. If you can never seem to get rid of damp in your home, it might be time to nab this highly-rated dehumidifier. It'll ensure mould and damp don't have a chance to form!

    8. This all-purpose degreaser will literally put in all the elbow grease for you!

    9. This high-density microfibre cloth will make streaky surfaces a problem of the past.

    10. Cleaning small, tight spots is never easy, and there comes a point where your soft old toothbrush just won't cut it – enter this deep-clean brush set.

    11. Unblocking the bathroom drain usually comes last on anybody's 'fun things to do' list, but at least this unblocker tool is quick and easy to use!

    ✨ Haircare ✨

    12. This genius hair styler allows you to dry and straighten your locks in one easy step!

    13. If you're after something that'll get the brassy tones out of your hair, this no-yellow shampoo is wildly popular for a reason!

    14. This highly effective shampoo brush helps to lather up thick hair very easily, and will even give your scalp a lil' massage while it's at it.

    15. These satin pillowcases cause way less friction with your hair than cotton ones, so they'll prevent breakage over time!

    16. If you're constantly struggling to tame flyaway hairs or get that perfect ~sleek~ bun, then this hair finishing stick might just be your new best friend.

    ✨ Organisation ✨

    17. This little sponge holder discreetly clips over your kitchen tap so it's always right where you need it.

    18. This water-draining soap dish is not only practical but also far more beautiful than it has any right to be.

    19. Store wet footwear in this shoe tidy to keep your hallway safe from muddy footprints.

    20. These personalised wheelie bin stickers will prevent your bins from getting mixed up with your neighbour's!

    21. This deeply-satisfying cutlery organiser saves you space by stacking your utensils on top of one another.

    ✨ Cooking ✨

    22. This highly-rated knife sharpener grips firmly to your kitchen surface, making it safer to use than conventional styles.

    23. Chopping up garlic is probably my least favourite cooking task (do they have to be so slippery?!) so predictably, I love this multi-use garlic press a lot.

    24. If you're constantly burning your hands while you cook, may I introduce you to these extremely heat-resistant gloves?

    25. Finally, this stainless steel guard will protect your fingers from cuts when chopping up fruits and veggies.