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    22 Gadgets That Are Super Small But Surprisingly Smart

    Though they be but little they are fierce!

    1. This mini birdhouse will keep your birds (okay, keys) safe when you’re not using them.

    2. And if your key-losing abilities are beyond help, you can literally ring them from your phone with this Tile Mate keyring.

    3. If you never seem to have a hair slide to hand when you need it, you can keep some in this tiny hideaway caddy that you can attach to your keys.

    4. This mini glasses cleaner brush is easier (and way more satisfying) to use than your average microfibre cloth.

    5. Pop this motion-activated light into your handbag to light up the contents and avoid rooting around aimlessly for your purse.

    6. This mini electric shaver is portable and waterproof if you want to remove your body hair without much fuss.

    7. You can literally erase and reuse the pages of this smart notebook if you find that you waste a bit too much paper day-to-day.

    8. This RFID-blocking card holder will stop scanners from reading your contactless cards when you don't want them to.

    9. This aptly named Wallet Ninja is a multipurpose tool that will do everything from opening bottles to tightening loose screws.

    10. This mini speaker somehow manages to be IMPOSSIBLY cute and tiny while filling the room with a rich quality of sound and an impressive bass.

    11. These privacy phone screen protectors will stop bored commuters from peeking at your phone.

    12. This phone pouch is completely waterproof, so you can take pictures and videos underwater without having to buy a special camera.

    13. This teeny-tiny pen attaches to your keys.

    14. And you can use these magnetic cable clips to organise pretty much anything!

    15. Reusable coffee cups are a great way to reduce your waste, but aren’t the easiest to carry around all day – this reusable cup is collapsible so it won’t take up much space once it’s empty.

    16. And this collapsible water bottle will fit easily into a small bag when you’re not using it.

    17. This mini toothpick holder has two reusable stainless steel toothpicks that you can always keep close to hand.

    18. This mini torch keyring has a surprisingly strong beam for something so small and adorable!

    19. This key lock box is *probably* a better hiding place for your spare key than under the flower pot.

    20. This mini diffuser will infuse your room with the soothing scent of your favourite essential oils.

    21. If you can’t stand ironing, this mini clothes steamer will be your new best friend.

    22. And finally, this knife sharpener has a PowerGrip suction so will attach securely to flat surfaces, making sure your knife doesn’t slip.