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    I Have An Unbelievable Amount Of Flyaway Hairs, So I Tried Out A Bestselling Hair-Slicking Tool – Here's What Happened

    An easy slicked-back bun for under £6? Yes please.

    Hi, I’m Valeza, and I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling in this heatwave.

    With the heat inevitably comes the quicker-than-normal progression to greasy hair and the urge to scrape every strand away from your face and body – enter: the slicked-back bun. AKA the easiest way to nail the new ‘clean girl’ aesthetic…AKA the only way I’m craving to wear my hair till this country returns to its normal mild-at-best summer weather.

    The only problem? My hair is *somewhat* prone to flyaways.

    Honestly, it’s hard to tame them at the best of times, let alone when the weather is hot and humid! So I thought it was time to bring in some help in the form of this highly-rated hair-taming stick.

    First, I tried it out on a somewhat hurriedly scraped-back bun and here's what happened:

    Here's a lil' before and after comparison (bearing in mind the 'after' shot only took a few seconds of work):

    Now, when I saw the effect this hair stick had on my rushed bun, I had to try it out properly to get the complete 'clean girl' aesthetic. So I used this brush that's specially designed to slick back your hair.

    But, inevitably, there were still some pesky flyaways, so I gave it a swipe of the hair stick for possibly the quickest and sleekest bun I've ever put together.

    Not only does the formula feel silky and smooth, it also gives the hair an unbelievable shine.

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