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    23 Cute Stationery Bits Under £5 To Get You In The Back-To-School Mood

    'Cause you can never have too many pastel-toned highlighters, amirite?!

    1. These lil' cat gel pens are pure purrfection.

    2. These mini highlighters come in subtle and soft pastel shades to highlight your work without taking all the limelight!

    3. This pretty floral notebook will make taking notes way more interesting.

    4. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this adorable mini panda stapler?!

    5. These colour-coded page markers are made from a translucent material so you can see what's written underneath!

    6. This cheap and cheerful notebook comes in a gorgeous lilac colour.

    7. These colourful fine-tipped pens will help you take aesthetically-pleasing revision notes.

    8. This pretty daily planner pad will help you organise your day more efficiently and get back into a proper routine.

    9. And these weekly planner stickers will satisfy your love for (totally necessary) over-embellishment.

    10. This Hogwarts letter-writing set might be *slightly* over budget, but it's the only way to send secret messages to your "freaky little friends"!

    11. This rose gold-coloured set of paperclips, push pins, and bulldog clips will turn the most boring part of your stationery set into the prettiest.

    12. This pen holder has a delicate lace design that makes it look super luxe.

    13. These fineliner pens have a range of nib sizes, making them perfect for sketching, writing, doodling, or pretty much anything else.

    14. These stunning stickers will add a bit of interest to plain-looking notes.

    15. These pastel highlighter pens have a finer tip than regular highlighters, and an easy-grip handle so you can write and underline your notes with ease.

    16. This lil' sticky note set comes in a neat holder so it'll be close to hand when you need it, and easily tucked away when you don't.

    17. These colouring pencils have a 4.7-star average rating with over 8,000 reviews, and are surprisingly cheap!

    18. You can stick these cute decals on your laptop, notebook, or water bottle to make them look more ~you~.

    19. These classic ballpoint pens write really well and come in a stylish rose gold colour.

    20. This vintage-style faux leather journal looks like it could cost about five times its actual price!

    21. These highly-rated transparent wallets will always come in handy!

    22. This colourful lil' stationery set includes all the essentials you could need.

    23. And finally, you can get this pretty pink-tinted notepaper pad to refill your notebook. Every purchase helps the Save The Rhino charity!