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    26 Cute And Cheap Gifts Under £10 That You Can Use To Treat Yourself

    They're also a lovely way to show someone you care!

    1. These hot chocolate bombes are fun to use and delicious to drink – they'll make the perfect cup of cocoa, marshmallows and all!

    2. These lil' masks are made with 24k gold powder and infused with collagen, so they'll make your under-eyes look and feel pampered.

    3. This mini roller ball is packed full of soothing essential oils to help you unwind and de-stress.

    4. This aromatherapy roller and pillow spray set might be bang on £10 rather than under it, but if you've been having trouble getting to sleep lately it'll be your new best friend!

    5. These handmade bath bombs come in 12 different scents to help energise or relax your senses, depending on your needs.

    6. Recreate the night sky in your own bedroom with this teeny tiny planetarium that will project the constellations onto your wall.

    7. If you need to take some time out for yourself to let out your frustrations, what better way than by using this colouring book full of ~colourful~ language?!

    8. I just know all my fellow chocoholics will appreciate this luxury Green & Blacks tasting selection that you don't have to share with anybody!

    9. This glow-inducing dewy facial mist is infused with coconut water, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil to properly nourish the skin.

    10. These cooling eye pads help to reduce under-eye puffiness, are reusable, and look ridiculously cute!

    11. If this gold foil sheet mask isn't the epitome of a ~luxe~ pamper treat then I don't know what is, TBH.

    12. And these clay masks have different properties and ingredients to target different skin concerns – you can use them simultaneously on different sections of your face to get a really tailored experience.

    13. These watermelon exfoliating cubes are packed full of natural ingredients like almond oil and shea butter to keep your skin soft and nourished.

    14. And these little steamer cubes will fill your bathroom with uplifting, energising, or relaxing aromas while you shower.

    15. You can use this stress spot massager to work out any tight muscles and help you relax.

    16. If you love a fancy cuppa, this flowering tea set with five different varieties of blooming tea will be a real treat!

    17. And these quirky herbal teas come in unique flavours like chamomile and peach as well as mint and chocolate.

    18. E.l.f.'s best-selling foundation is lightweight without compromising on coverage. Customers say it looks really natural!

    19. And these 'Bite-Size' eyeshadows might be small and surprisingly affordable, but their pigmentation packs a punch!

    20. This cute makeup bag will give you a daily reminder of your practically perfect-ness.

    21. This eye massager uses a combination of massage therapy, pinhole therapy, and magnetic therapy to help combat headaches, eyestrain, fatigue, and insomnia!

    22. If you're a sucker for cute homeware, this standing bamboo planter is super stylish and surprisingly cheap!

    23. These adorable daisy hoop earrings are a great 'just because' kinda gift.

    24. BRB, putting these origami page markers in my basket as we speak.

    25. These Run DMC socks will perk up your at-home attire.

    26. This gin infusing kit will make your favourite tipple even better!