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    23 Products To Help You Create A Cosy Chill-Out Nook At Home

    Cosy season is the new cuffing season.

    1. First thing's first, you'll need to create your own space where you can properly ~escape~ from the world. This cotton canopy will provide you with just that!

    2. If you want to add an extra cosy element to your nook, hang this netted canopy along the inside to reveal a smattering of fluorescent stars!

    3. You'll never want to get out of this adult-sized beanbag chair! It's basically the at-home version of a hammock swinging in the wind.

    4. This cosy blanket has sleeves and a high neck that you can properly snuggle into!

    5. Hold your book or tablet up with this handy stand that'll let you read or watch movies with ease. It's made from high-quality cotton and foam, so it'll feel really comfortable on your lap and fit your cosy-chic aesthetic.

    6. And this stylish slide-on book lamp is so sleek, you can straighten it out and use it as a bookmark when you've finished reading!

    7. There's nothing more relaxing than a good book and a proper cuppa! The stable legs on this autumnal mug will keep your ~brew~ from spilling all over your secluded space.

    8. Line the bottom of your chill-out area with this large fluffy rug to make it extra comfy.

    9. If you and your duvet are not to be separated in the colder months, then make it extra warm and comfy with this teddy fleece duvet cover set.

    10. These satin pillowcases will bring an element of ~luxe~ comfort to your space, and can help to reduce friction and breakage for your hair while you sleep!

    11. This handy sign will help to make sure that potential intruders know the deal before ruining your peace.

    12. You can use this linen bunting for some added cosy decor.

    13. Adding this faux eucalyptus garland will kinda make it feel like you've created your own enchanted forest.

    14. This reversible throw blanket has a soft fleece side and a super-plush sherpa side depending on the particular level of warmth you want to reach.

    15. And if you're a sucker for the blanket-in-a-basket aesthetic, you can store the blanket in this stylish foldable woven basket when you're not using it – alongside any other bits and bobs!

    16. Make your space look and feel super cosy with these warm-toned fairy lights.

    17. Add an extra bit of twinkle– even if you can't see the sky through the clouds – with these star-shaped fairy lights.

    18. Can we take a moment to appreciate how ridiculously adorable this deer lamp is?! The head has 360-degree rotation and the light is dimmable, so you can make it as soft or strong as you like.

    19. These tea lights are appropriately named 'Autumn Glow' – they have a warm, woody fragrance, and come in a romantic purple shade.

    20. And if you're in a more enclosed space, these flameless candles are safer than an exposed flame – the flickering effect of the light makes them look really genuine.

    21. If your lil' one wants to join in on the cosiness, this children's bean bag chair also doubles up as storage for their soft toys!

    22. This zen cushion will offer some comfy elevation to help get you in the ~zone~ when practising yoga and meditation.

    23. And you can throw this chic floor cushion into the mix – 'cause some extra padding never hurt anybody!