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    21 Clever Beauty Buys That Might Make You Wonder Where They've Been All Your Life

    They're not just a pretty face.

    1. This 'magic' makeup removal cloth can remove even waterproof mascara, only using water!

    2. And these satin pillowcases are the beauty best friends your skin and hair never knew they needed!

    3. These winged eyeliner stamps will help you get the *perfect* flick, every time!

    4. This makeup brush cleaner is, quite frankly, too clever for its own good.

    5. This 4D mascara has thickening and lengthening effects, and is under four quid!

    6. And this eyebrow pen has a forked tip, to make your eyebrows look natural yet ~defined~.

    7. You can kill two birds with one stone with this hair straightening brush.

    8. And this ionic shower head will filter your water, making it much kinder to your hair and skin!

    9. This makeup bag has a drawstring fastening so you can pack it up in no time at all!

    10. You can hold, hang, or stand this mirror up to suit your needs.

    11. Give your pores a proper clean with this blackhead removal vacuum.

    12. This liquid peel-off cuticle tape will help you get neat manicures every time!

    13. This highly-rated dermaroller will help to reduce scarring and pigmentation marks, and even help hair to grow!

    14. And these fancy facial massagers use sonic energy to tighten and smooth the skin.

    15. This foaming bubble bath is infused with epsom salts to help ease aching muscles.

    16. This deeply moisturising cream uses natural ingredients like jojoba oil, hyaluronan, and folic acid to keep your skin in top condition.

    17. Make your favourite shampoos and lotions more portable with these refillable silicone containers, 'cause beauty is still important while you're travelling,

    18. This lightweight powder will cover exposed roots and make your hair look thicker!

    19. These shampoo brushes will help you build up a lather with less work, and give you a relaxing head massage while they're at it!

    20. This 100% natural oil repairs damaged hairs, and promotes the growth of healthy new ones!

    21. Finally, add a lil' seasoning to your hair with this thickening powder.