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    31 Christmas Gifts That Only Your Best Friend Can Truly Appreciate

    Show them you care.

    1. You can get them this box of favours, 'cause there’s nothing more valuable than your time.

    2. You can personalise this print to look like the two of you!

    3. If you love your friend but they’re a bit of a mess, you can get them this drawstring toiletries bag that will make them feel more tidy than they actually are.

    4. You can get them this adventure fund money jar to help save up for your future adventures together.

    5. If they love gold jewellery they will absolutely ADORE this best-selling Missoma Roman coin necklace.

    6. You can fill this scrapbook with all of your memories together.

    7. You can literally explain to them why they’re so amazing and important in this personalised best friend definition print.

    8. This string of fairy lights with clips are a great way to display all of your favourite photos together.

    9. You can get them this super sweet print of the constellations at the fateful moment that the two of you met.

    10. Knowing how hard they work, this 100% vegan pamper set will give them a well-deserved treat.

    11. They can use this pug pebble as a keepsake or lucky charm that reminds them of you.

    12. Give the egg to your bacon one half of this keyring duo for the ultimate cute and personal stocking filler.

    13. And these two halves of one avocado keyrings are happiest when they're together – just like the two of you.

    14. This adorable coaster is easy to travel with, for your long-distance BFF who’s home for Christmas.

    15. This friendship bracelet looks more expensive than it actually is.

    16. And if this handmade wish bracelet doesn’t prove your love for your best friend, I don’t know what will, tbh.

    17. This DIY cross stitch kit is perfect for your super artsy mate.

    18. Get them this helpful book – 'cause you just know they’d appreciate it (and you're probably the only person close enough to give this to them).

    19. Write out one of your ~iconic~ sayings on this cinematic light box sign before you give it to them.

    20. This necklace is really pretty and you can personalise it with your bestie’s name and birthstone.

    21. Give them the gift of a good night’s sleep with the cult classic Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works.

    22. This Winnie the Pooh print is actually very cute.

    23. And this mug is slightly more to-the-point about how you feel about them.

    24. If your best mate is just really into astrology, they’ll love this subtle and classy star sign print.

    25. Show your bestie you love his beard as much as he does with this highly-rated beard care kit.

    26. And you can get them this best friends survival kit to show them how much you care.

    27. If they love a good G&T, they’ll be sure to appreciate this personalised gin glass.

    28. And if your bestie’s pride and joy is their kitchen, you can get them this personalised chopping board.

    29. This tree of life bracelet will really show them you care.

    30. You can get them a special handmade Christmas card, just to show them how much you care.

    31. And last but most certainly not least, you can wrap your carefully thought-out gift in this wrapping paper that is covered in their favourite person’s face.