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    31 Christmas Gifts That Only Your Best Friend Can Truly Appreciate

    Show them you care.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. You can get them this box of favours, 'cause there’s nothing more valuable than your time.

    Amazon / Via

    Customers say the actual cards are really good quality, and the box they come in is gorgeous so you don’t even have to worry about wrapping it up!

    Price: £9.99

    2. You can personalise this print to look like the two of you!


    You can customise it to match your hairstyle, hair colour, and skin tone for a gift they’ll cherish forever.

    Price: £6.00 - £15.00 depending on size (available in A5 - A3 print)

    3. If you love your friend but they’re a bit of a mess, you can get them this drawstring toiletries bag that will make them feel more tidy than they actually are.

    Amazon / Via

    All their sprawled-out cosmetics can be neatly tidied away at the pull of a drawstring, and the compact design makes it perfect for traveling.

    Price: £6.98

    4. You can get them this adventure fund money jar to help save up for your future adventures together.

    Amazon / Via

    For a prettier way to store their savings.

    Price: £5.45

    5. If they love gold jewellery they will absolutely ADORE this best-selling Missoma Roman coin necklace.


    Everyone knows the best presents come in tiny little boxes! This is plated in 18ct gold and will stack up nicely with other chains and pendants.

    Price: £139.00

    6. You can fill this scrapbook with all of your memories together.

    Amazon / Via

    Like the train ticket from that night you missed the concert but still ended up having the best time! You can fill this sturdy book with photos, stickers, and little doodles to make it really personal to the two of you.

    Price: £13.99

    7. You can literally explain to them why they’re so amazing and important in this personalised best friend definition print.


    It’s made from premium grade, thick poster paper, and you can customise it with their name, a description of why they’re wonderful, and an optional message at the bottom.

    Price: £10.00 for an A4 print.

    8. This string of fairy lights with clips are a great way to display all of your favourite photos together.

    Amazon / Via

    These fairy lights are battery-powered, so they can put them pretty much anywhere without having to worry about plugging into the mains, and customers say the pegs are really sturdy and easy to use, too!

    Price: £7.19

    9. You can get them this super sweet print of the constellations at the fateful moment that the two of you met.


    The star chart is completely unique to the precise date, time, and location that you provide, and it’s printed on premium quality satin card.

    Price: £16.00 for an A4 print.

    10. Knowing how hard they work, this 100% vegan pamper set will give them a well-deserved treat.

    Amazon / Via

    It includes a clementine and prosecco bath melt, a strawberry mocha body scrub, and a natural soy and olive scented candle for a truly luxurious night in.

    Price: £21.97

    11. They can use this pug pebble as a keepsake or lucky charm that reminds them of you.


    This cute lil’ guy is hand drawn onto the pebble and you can customise the balloon so it’s your bestie’s favourite colour!

    Price: £5.00 - £5.50 depending on finish.

    12. Give the egg to your bacon one half of this keyring duo for the ultimate cute and personal stocking filler.


    Price: £13.48 for the pair, or you can buy them separately for £7.13 each.

    13. And these two halves of one avocado keyrings are happiest when they're together – just like the two of you.

    Amazon / Via

    They’ve got cute little rosy cheeks and everything!

    Price: £4.74

    14. This adorable coaster is easy to travel with, for your long-distance BFF who’s home for Christmas.

    Amazon / Via

    So they can think of you every time they have a cuppa – the coaster is made from really sturdy wood, and customers say it feels really good quality!

    Price: £9.99

    15. This friendship bracelet looks more expensive than it actually is.

    Amazon / Via

    It's really dainty and cute, comes with a luxe velvet pouch, and the double knot link rings symbolise a friendship bond that will never be broken.

    Price: £9.99

    16. And if this handmade wish bracelet doesn’t prove your love for your best friend, I don’t know what will, tbh.

    Amazon / Via

    You can choose their favourite colour for the band of the bracelet, and it comes in lots of other cute designs if jellyfish aren’t really their thing.

    Price: £5.50

    17. This DIY cross stitch kit is perfect for your super artsy mate.

    Urban Outfitters

    It has five different quirky designs for them to choose from, along with all the cotton threads they’ll need.

    Price: £15.00

    18. Get them this helpful book – 'cause you just know they’d appreciate it (and you're probably the only person close enough to give this to them).

    Amazon / Via

    Knowing them embarrassingly well does sometimes come in handy! Customers say the info in this book is actually really interesting to read, too.

    Price: £4.95 for a hardcover copy.

    19. Write out one of your ~iconic~ sayings on this cinematic light box sign before you give it to them.

    Amazon / Via

    They can put this pretty much anywhere for a cute reminder of your friendship, and it comes with 105 interchangeable letters and emojis so they can customise it however they like.

    Price: £14.97

    20. This necklace is really pretty and you can personalise it with your bestie’s name and birthstone.

    Not on the High Street

    The base metal is sterling silver, and it’s accented with a Swarovski crystal that’s personal to them!

    Price: £60.00

    21. Give them the gift of a good night’s sleep with the cult classic Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works.

    Amazon / Via

    ‘Cause only you know they just haven’t slept through the night for ages.

    Price: £16.55

    22. This Winnie the Pooh print is actually very cute.

    Amazon / Via

    The quote will melt their heart, and it comes already mounted in a perfectly fitting frame.

    Price: £17.99 for an A4 print.

    23. And this mug is slightly more to-the-point about how you feel about them.

    Amazon / Via

    It’s perfect for your bestie that you just don’t get to see as often as you’d like – every time they take a sip of their tea they’ll be thinking of you and your passive aggressive (but truly loving) ways.

    Price: £7.99

    24. If your best mate is just really into astrology, they’ll love this subtle and classy star sign print.


    With a sleek combo of gold line print on a blue watercolour background, this will suit any style of decor, and it’s printed on good quality, thick paper so it will make quite an impression on their wall.

    Price: £4.80 - £5.80 depending on finish.

    25. Show your bestie you love his beard as much as he does with this highly-rated beard care kit.

    Amazon / Via

    It’s got all the tools he’ll need to groom his beard to perfection, and includes some beard baubles that they can clip on for a festive touch to their favourite feature.

    Price: £17.41

    26. And you can get them this best friends survival kit to show them how much you care.

    Amazon / Via

    Among lots of cute bits and bobs, it includes a button - ‘sew’ you’ll always be close, and some marbles - to replace the ones you’ve helped them lose.

    Price: £11.95

    27. If they love a good G&T, they’ll be sure to appreciate this personalised gin glass.

    Amazon / Via

    With its thin-rimmed edge, good quality material and fancy AF engraved font, customers say this glass just looks super luxurious.

    Price: £19.99

    28. And if your bestie’s pride and joy is their kitchen, you can get them this personalised chopping board.

    Amazon / Via

    It’s perfect for your BFF who already has everything!

    Price: £24.99

    29. This tree of life bracelet will really show them you care.

    Amazon / Via

    It’s made from sterling silver and customers say it looks and feels way more expensive than it actually is.

    Price: £30.00

    30. You can get them a special handmade Christmas card, just to show them how much you care.

    Amazon / Via

    You can get it in a square or rectangle shape.

    Price: £2.99

    31. And last but most certainly not least, you can wrap your carefully thought-out gift in this wrapping paper that is covered in their favourite person’s face.


    They have to know who it’s from, after all!

    Price: £13.99 for a one metre roll.