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    28 Cheap Yet Expensive-Looking Products That Are Perfect If You’re Bougie But Broke

    Just because your funds are low right now, it doesn't mean your standards have to be!

    1. The high-quality feel and extremely ~luxe~ look of these makeup brushes will make you shocked to realise they're actually under a tenner!

    2. The thick sage green glass and gold-tone nozzle make this luxe soap dispenser look like it belongs in the bougie bathroom of a Michelin-star restaurant.

    3. These surprisingly cheap satin pillowcases will help to keep your hair and skin healthy by causing less friction and absorbing less moisture from them as you sleep.

    4. This faux fur sheepskin rug is under a tenner(!), has an anti-slip base, and is an easy way to add a luxe touch to your decor.

    5. This dimmable moon lamp is truly ~out of this world~ – you can adjust the light to a warm or white tone to suit your style!

    6. This moon phase garland is the definition of understated elegance.

    7. This bestselling niacinamide serum regulates the skin's natural oil production, helping to calm breakouts and smoothen the skin's texture – all for under four quid!

    8. This stylish winter tree lamp will make you feel a whole lot better about the weather turning colder!

    9. You can use this vibrating facial massage tool to work skincare products in more effectively, tighten your skin, and feel extremely bougie at the same time!

    10. These rustic floating shelves will look great in pretty much any room you decide to hang them in.

    11. This hand-woven macramé wall hanging will add an expensive-looking touch to your decor.

    12. I feel like these ~illuminating~ bath salts should cost way more than they actually do! They'll fill your bathroom with the sweet scents of coconut and caramel and make your bath water literally sparkle.

    13. This non-slip bath pillow will elevate the bougie-ness of your bath experience by approximately 100%.

    14. And you can make sure you have all the necessities – like a glass of wine and a good book – close to hand with this sleek bamboo bath caddy that's under £12!

    15. This surprisingly affordable coin necklace is made from 18k gold-plated sterling silver. It would make a great gift for your pal who loves layering their chains!

    16. Give yourself a luxe pamper session for less with this ultimate mask trio that targets the hair, face, and under eye areas.

    17. This sleek facial roller is made from 100% natural rose quartz for a cooling and stimulating effect. It'll help your skincare products sink in more effectively and look fabulous in your skincare cabinet!

    18. This chic cosmetics organiser has a surprisingly large capacity and is super affordable!

    19. Store your spare bits and bobs in style with the help of these cute jute storage baskets that are under a tenner for two!

    20. This collapsible laundry basket has a drawstring fastening to stop any ~musty~ smells from escaping and the pattern is subtle and stylish.

    21. This skin-firming treatment is infused with 24k gold essence and collagen extract to add a luxurious finishing touch to your skincare routine.

    22. This lil' faux leather notebook looks way more expensive than it actually is!

    23. Use this fast-drying nail polish to get expensive-looking neutral nails for under four quid!

    24. These iridescent tumblers will make your cocktails feel far more special.

    25. Spice up your desk space for less with the help of these standing storage shelves that you can style in lots of different ways!

    26. This Beauty Sleep Journal kit includes a warming body balm, a regenerating face mask, and a soothing sleep mist to help you get a sumptuous night's sleep.

    27. These gold-plated hoops are simple, stylish, and affordable.

    28. Finally, these macramé plant hangers will make your potted plants look sublime.