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    8 British School Dinners That I Miss And 7 That I'm Glad I'll Never Eat Again

    Hands up if you'd still eat turkey dinosaurs for lunch today.

    1. Everyone's favourite, Turkey Twizzlers, were true heroes of their time.

    Caleb_Hicks_8891 / Via

    They're gone, but never forgotten.

    2. But I'm pretty sure nobody enjoyed the jacket potatoes, where the only topping options were beans, butter, and more beans?!

    Getty Images

    In hindsight, you can't really blame that one kid for farting all the time.

    3. Meanwhile, everyone loved a turkey dinosaur.

    Getty Images

    You could even use it as an action figure – a multi-purpose hero.

    4. Mixed veg always came with an unwanted side order of boiled water.

    Getty Images

    These were definitely the cause of the notorious 'boiled cabbage' smell.

    5. But it would be smiles all round when these crispy little guys came out.

    Vintagegirl97 / Via

    Undeniably, the preferred side dish.

    6. We were always presented with the most uninventive tuna sandwiches ever.

    Getty Images

    Were a few cucumber slices too much to ask?!

    7. But rectangle pizza day was a cause for school-wide celebration.

    DeatHTaXx / Via

    Their ~unique~ shape somehow made them even more tasty.

    8. The mashed potato was worryingly smooth.

    Icomefromb / Via

    If you can form it into a perfectly standing ball, something ain't right.

    9. But any worries were soon forgotten when they were served beside these bad boys.

    Getty Images

    Writing out your name in these made you an instant celebrity.

    10. There were always those plain slices of bread in the corner that nobody ever actually ate.

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    Why were they always ever so slightly damp?!

    11. But we'd literally fight over the last slice of cornflake tart.

    Via Twitter: @DonnaM_Parkin

    It would always be a big hit at the school bake sale, too.

    12. Rice pudding with raisins was probably too ~refined~ a taste for our seven-year-old palates to handle.

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    Squishy raisins AND soggy rice? No. Thank. You.

    13. But this exact cake with icing and sprinkles was a winner every time.

    Via Twitter: @Johnlovesveg

    The cake-to-custard ratio was key.

    14. Semolina with jam was the dessert that everyone loved to hate.

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    The semolina was always a bit too solid.

    15. But they should have just served this caramel tart every day, TBH – so simple, yet so effective.

    Via Twitter: @MhvaServices

    And it's still a winner to this day!