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    55 Bestselling Home Products That Our Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of In 2020

    Nearly all of these are under £10, just FYI!

    1. This multi-purpose degreaser puts in all the ~elbow grease~ so you don't have to. Customers are blown away by its power, and it's only one quid!

    2. And this mould remover spray offers equally impressive results – it tackles even the most stubborn black mould that reviewers say nothing else could budge.

    3. Once you're satisfied with your grease-free, mould-less surfaces, why not tackle limescale buildup with this effective spray?

    4. These hardwearing stickers will prevent your wheelie bins from getting mixed up with your neighbours' – I'm looking at you, no. 25!

    5. Give your bathroom tiles a new lease of life with this anti-mould grout reviver pen that's so satisfying to use!

    6. And you can use these powerful lil' cleaning sticks to keep your drains in tip-top shape.

    7. If you live in an area with particularly hard water but still appreciate a *proper* cuppa, this kettle descaler will make a world of difference.

    8. If you want to prevent the buildup in the first place, pop this descaler ball into your kettle. It attracts limescale like a magnet, so all you'll have to do is rinse it regularly to keep your kettle – and tea – scale-free!

    9. This small but powerful dehumidifier absorbs the condensation in your car to keep the windshield clear in damp weather.

    10. This cleaning block easily scours away the most encrusted grime and dirt from your barbecue and oven grills.

    11. You can use this stain remover to clean, restore, and polish pretty much any smooth and hard surface.

    12. These oven liners will catch any dropped food while cooking, and they have a non-stick surface that's way easier to clean than your oven base!

    13. These antibacterial liners will keep your fridge fresh, are easy to clean, and have a grippy surface that'll prevent your produce rolling around.

    14. Hang up prints without getting into trouble with your landlord thanks to these hanging strips that won't leave a mark when they're removed.

    15. This water-repellent glass treatment works wonders on windshields, shower doors, and any other glass surface that you need to see through properly.

    16. These tiny succulent fridge magnets are incredibly adorable.

    17. These elastic suspenders will help overly-large bed sheets to fit properly and prevent them from bunching up while you sleep.

    18. These surprisingly cheap satin pillowcases provide a smoother surface for your hair and skin – preventing friction, dehydration, and damage while you sleep.

    19. This fabric comb removes fluff and bobbles from your clothing and actually looks quite luxe!

    20. Give your car's interior an upgrade with this highly-rated shampoo that also works wonders on all types of synthetic fabric upholstery.

    21. This five-in-one cleaner works hard to prolong the life of your washing machine and keep your clothes feeling fresh.

    22. These deep-cleaning brushes will help you tackle any hard-to-reach areas that dirt and grime can build up in easily.

    23. Remove deep-rooted limescale from the tip of your tap with the help of this lil' gadget that holds the cleaning solution where it's needed most!

    24. This antibacterial cleaning pad cuts through grease and grime. It can even be used without washing-up liquid to save you money and prevent waste!

    25. This knife sharpener has earned a 4.5-star average rating from over 30,000 reviews! It has a secure grip base which allows you to use it more safely.

    26. This genius cleaning paste is tough on stains but gentle on surfaces.

    27. Protect your privacy with these super slim webcam covers that easily slide open whenever you need to use your camera.

    28. This flexible stainless steel pipe cleaner is great at cleaning fridge drains and other long pipes.

    29. And this powerful unblocker solution cuts through hair and sludge in your bathroom pipes like a dream!

    30. Keep your wardrobe looking tidy – and save space while you're at it – with these clever coat hangers.

    31. This washable fridge liner will help to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer!

    32. Sprinkle this citrusy powder over the contents of your bin to soak up any ~juices~ and eliminate odours.

    33. Take proper care of your plant babies by feeding them some of this concentrated fertiliser that's specially made for house plants.

    34. This eco-friendly laundry detergent egg lasts for up to 210 washes! It'll save you money in the long run and it's really effective at lifting away dirt and grime.

    35. Bring a cosy vibe to your home with the help of this extra large Yankee candle that'll release the festive smell of cinnamon for hours on end.

    36. This Joseph Joseph cutlery organiser is incredibly satisfying to use and will save you so much space!

    37. Can we please take a moment to appreciate these hand-blown bird ornaments that'll water your plants gradually?

    38. You can finally get into all those dusty nooks and crannies with this teeny tiny dustpan and brush set!

    39. This Alexa Echo Dot smart speaker has a whopping average of 4.8 stars from over 300,000(!) reviews, so is it any wonder it made our bestselling products list?

    40. These adorable lil' elephant scented candles make an excellent gift for a lover of quirky decor.

    41. You'll probably wonder how you ever lived without this super satisfying and easy-to-use pet hair roller!

    42. These sink unblocking sachets have rave reviews from customers and are surprisingly cheap considering their popularity!

    43. These ant bait stations work ridiculously well! I bought some for my ground-floor-flat-dwelling nan in the summer – they cleared the infestation after just a few days, and the ants have stayed away.

    44. This ~magic~ eraser sponge cleans and buffs away stains and scuffs using just water!

    45. This genius mug holder rack can be slid under pretty much any shelf, helping to maximise your space!

    46. Stick these backlight strips around your mirror, underneath your shelves, or behind your TV to create an aesthetic ~vibe~ and reduce eye fatigue from glaring screens.

    47. Slip these little sachets in and around your clothes to protect them from moths, eggs, and larvae.

    48. This sonic scrubbing brush basically works like an extra powerful electric toothbrush – helping you clean to hard-to-reach areas with ease!

    49. This tea and coffee stain remover will ~astonish~ you with its speed and power.

    50. I'm sorry, but how adorable are these cat teaspoons that hang off the edge of your mug?

    51. Organise your sock drawer in style with this easy-to-maintain honeycomb drawer divider.

    52. Cooking rice has never been easier thanks to this mini microwaveable pressure pot.

    53. Hang this colourful caddy over any cupboard door for an easy bit of extra storage or a place to collect your scraps of rubbish.

    54. Keep your shower door free from pesky watermarks with this wiping and polishing cloth set that comes with a suction hook for easy access.

    55. Finally, this tiny collapsible funnel will be here for all your accurate pouring needs.