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    Listen Up Fashion Lovers: Here Are 54 Of The Most Stylish Gifts You Can Give In 2022

    I'm talking pure cashmere pieces, chunky gold jewellery, and timeless leather accessories.

    1. Firstly, I can guarantee you that this ARKET piece is the cable knit jumper of their dreams.

    2. This Missoma coin necklace will layer beautifully with the many gold chains they doubtless already own.

    3. They've probably had their eye on that COS crossbody leather bag for ages. If they didn't manage to nab it before it sold out, they'll be thrilled to receive this identical design in a plant-based material!

    4. This satin and lace slip dress looks great with chunky knits and stompy leather boots.

    5. Speaking of which, I just thought you'd like to know that these Dr. Martens Sinclair boots (AKA the ones they've had on their wish list forever) are reduced in price right now!

    6. This high-neck jumper is cropped at a really flattering length, making it look far more expensive than it actually is!

    7. If they're into fitness and eco-friendly garms, then these chic and comfy Hylo RUN trainers are literally the perfect gift for them. They're made from mostly natural, recycled, and biodegradable materials and come in the most gorgeous colourways!

    8. This oversized striped jumper is an excellent affordable dupe for THAT high-end jumper that people go wild for every winter.

    9. Speaking of high-end dupes, M&S are known for creating the best high-quality ones in the handbag department. Case in point: this chic shoulder bag.

    10. And while we're on the subject, I predict this shearling crossbody bag will sell out fast.

    11. If they're into the 'dark academia' aesthetic then might I suggest nabbing this chic checked midi skirt for them?

    12. And this jacquard knit is the perfect subtly-festive jumper!

    13. This classic waffle bathrobe looks really luxe but starts at only £5.88!

    14. DAI's high-quality, sustainable work wear collection includes this stunning high-neck navy jumper that's made out of circular cashmere!

    15. You'll be gifting them in more ways than one with this beautiful ruby and diamond ring from Juvetti. For each piece of jewellery sold, the brand provides a child in need with clean water supply for one year!

    16. This denim jumpsuit will see them through countless special occasions! It features a four-way stretch and wide leg design, making it both comfy and incredibly flattering.

    17. I can't imagine anybody not being thrilled to unwrap this stylish cream quarter-zip sweatshirt from Gymshark!

    18. If they're into running, the Freetrain running vest will make their life a whole lot easier! It keeps their phone centred to allow for even weight distribution (essential for long-distance runs!) and they can flip it open to see their screen with zero fiddliness. Plus it has two extra pockets for other small bits like keys and cards.

    19. This black spinel and sterling silver signet ring is undeniably stylish.

    20. I'd bet you anything they either have their eye on the New Balance 550 trainers, or they already have a pair and are keen to add this burgundy and navy colourway to their collection.

    21. You know they'll be able to pull off this on-trend knitted hood.

    22. And to maintain the cosiness: I don't think I've ever worn something so soft and warm (yet still stylish) as this scarf that's made using recycled polyester!

    23. Speaking of snugly gifts, just *imagine* how cosy these cashmere lounge trousers will feel to WFH in!

    24. I recently bought this oversized green jumper from Mango and am obsessed. It's incredibly soft, flattering, and is even neutral colourway-lovers will love this shade of green!

    25. And I predict it will be love at first sight with this cream buckle-detail tote bag. It's big enough to fit their laptop!

    26. This chocolate brown draped midi dress has sold out once and is already selling fast, so I'd recommend getting it for them ASAP.

    27. And these buttery leather knee-high boots from Bobbies would make a dreamy gift for that special someone.

    28. I'd be surprised if they're not a chunky gold hoops aficionado. Add these lovely Entwine hoops to their ever-growing collection.

    29. They might have a fair few hats, but do they have a personalised black beanie with their initials embroidered on it? Yeah, thought not.

    30. This velvet jumpsuit has pockets(!!!) and they can wear it on Christmas day.

    31. This fitness tracker band from WHOOP is basically a fashion accessory. It doesn't have a screen (so will track their progress in a pressure-free way) and I adore this chocolate brown shade which will look fab with neutral clothes!

    32. Speaking of lush chocolate brown fashion finds, these seamless Gymshark leggings have gained the top spot on my Christmas wish list.

    33. The same goes for this beautifully-designed pearl bracelet!

    34. If they love their neutrals as much as they adore music, I can't think of a more perfect gift than these wireless earphones that come in seven nude shades!

    35. You'll gain major brownie points for getting them these Lululemon super-high-rise flared yoga pants!

    36. These classic Calvin Klein boxers are a failsafe gift, if you ask me.

    37. An Italian cashmere crewneck jumper for under £100? Yes please.

    38. They'll be SO impressed you managed to get your hands on the UGG Tasman slippers in the most-coveted chestnut shade.

    39. And seeing as the Ultra Mini boots are sold out everywhere ATM, these EMU Australia dupes are just as snuggly and stylish and available in all sizes!

    40. This turtleneck jumper is absolutely timeless and starts at under £13!

    41. I am losing it over this wool co-ord cardi for the little one in your life that's already more stylish than you.

    42. And can we please take a moment for this lil' fluffy jacket?!

    43. Get them a subscription to Cocoon Club as a unique gift for fashion lovers. They can rent the most coveted designer handbags for the price of your daily cup of coffee!

    44. Watch their eyes light up when they unwrap this genuinely stunning set of PJs.

    45. This knitted co-ord jumper is both sleek and super comfy.

    46. This 100% cashmere turtleneck jumper will never go out of style.

    47. I reckon this subtly-festive cable knit jumper looks way more expensive than what you'll pay for it!

    48. These Veja Campo trainers are pretty much guaranteed to go down well.

    49. And the same goes for this unbelievably soft cashmere scarf!

    50. This classic leather wallet from GANT is selling fast, and with its timeless design it's easy to see why!

    51. I mean, who wouldn't want these luxe socks made out of pure cashmere?

    52. And if they love a splash of colour, why not gift them these geometric socks?

    53. You basically can't go wrong with a classic pair of leather gloves, especially when they have a cosy inner lining!

    54. Finally, this isn't exactly a piece of clothing per se, but you can't deny that your fashionable pal will absolutely adore this tufted cushion that's shaped like a cowboy boot!