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    7 Beauty Buys That Are Designed To Make Your Eyes *Pop*

    Make the most of your best sparkly features.

    1. This cult-favourite mascara will take your eyelashes where they’ve never been before.

    2. This lash serum will - literally - give you entirely new eyelashes.

    3. These eyelash curlers will give your lashes a long-lasting lift without tugging or breaking them, and they’re under a tenner!

    4. If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then you’re gonna need the perfect window frames! This eyebrow serum will make your brow hairs more thick and dense, helping them to frame your eyes beautifully.

    5. Aside from making you look ridiculously cool, this handmade jade eye mask will help to soothe your tired eyes.

    6. This eye serum is ridiculously highly rated for good reason – it helps to eliminate dark circles, reduces fine lines, and the vegan formula is extremely gentle to your sensitive under-eye area.

    7. And finally, you can create infinite dazzling looks with this neutral eyeshadow palette.