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    ASOS Has Just Dropped A New ~Luxe~ Line And Prices Start At Only £5!

    If you want to feel bougie on a budget, you've come to the right place!

    We all know that ASOS is the place to go for on-trend styles at pretty great price points – so when I heard they had just dropped a brand new line full of stunning, luxe-looking basics, my interest was definitely piqued.

    The range has just dropped this week, and pieces are already selling fast! So we've put together a few of our top picks for you to have a look at:

    1. First thing's first – I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time believing that this chic black mini dress is only a tenner!

    2. And this organic cotton bandeau will suit pretty much anything you pair it with!

    3. This mini pencil skirt is a summer staple, and the jersey fabric is super flattering!

    4. This body has a racer-front detail that gives it a bit of ~edge~ – it'll look gorgeous tucked into a pair of wide leg trousers!

    5. The simplicity and structure of this black jumpsuit gives it a clean and expensive-looking silhouette.

    6. BRB, just putting this ruched micro bandeau top in my shopping basket as we speak...

    7. This white mini sundress is super cute and super affordable!

    8. This tailored blush suit costs less than you'd probably expect to pay for it!

    9. The sweetheart neckline and corset-style panelling give this chic bodysuit a ~refined~ look.

    10. These kick flare leggings are comfy, flattering, and tres chic, darling!

    11. This silky ivory shirt looks – and feels – way more expensive than it actually is.

    12. Can we please take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is this mesh sleeve off-the-shoulder mini dress?!

    13. This cropped T-shirt puts a unique *twist* on a classic style!

    14. This pencil midi skirt is a wardrobe staple if ever I've seen one!

    15. This chocolate midi dress has a stunning strappy detail.

    16. And finally, this gold sequinned statement dress is sure to turn heads!

    Right, now that I've given you an insight into my own shopping list, you can check out the whole range here to build your own!