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    15 Of The Most Fun Things To Do In Amsterdam If You’re Currently Planning Your Next Trip

    You have been pre-warned: their beer snacks might just change your life.

    1. Take a boat tour through the canals.

    2. Then treat yourself to dinner and drinks at one of the incredible restaurants and bars along the canal.

    Three pictures - one of some fancy food, one of a pretty canal-side view of the canal from a restaurant, one of two cocktails on a table with flowers inside

    3. Go on a Heineken Experience tour.

    4. Obviously rent bikes and take a ride around the city.

    a huge amount of bikes tied up on either side of the canal

    5. And make sure you see the tulip fields by bike if you’re travelling in spring!

    6. Go to see the incredible artwork on display in their galleries and museums.

    pablo lucker's gallery with a number of prints displayed and pablo working at his desk

    7. Speaking of which, if you’re lucky enough to have your holiday fall on the weekend of the Heineken Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort, it’s an amazing experience to plan your trip around!

    8. Explore the city’s quirky shops and boutiques.

    two of amsterdam's boutique display windows showing home decor and fashion

    9. Sample their superior selection of snacks and finger food.

    10. Have a picnic in Vondelpark.

    two different angles of vondelpark on a sunny day

    11. Take a trip to the Anne Frank House.

    an outside view of the anne frank house

    12. Spend a day at Zandvoort beach.

    zandvoort beach as seen from a sandy path leading down to the sea

    13. Travel via tram for convenient links to popular spots around the city.

    14. Visit a traditional Dutch cheese shop.

    a man cutting a big block of cheese with countless rolls of cheese stacked behind him on shop shelves

    15. Finally, stay in a houseboat for a truly unforgettable trip.