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    I Browse Amazon Basically Every Day – Here Are My Top Picks Of Their Basics Section

    You've probably been sleeping on this Amazon brand.

    1. First thing's first, how unbelievably chic is this free-standing towel rack? It also works well as a jewellery stand!

    2. I feel like this Himalayan salt lamp/ ultrasonic diffuser hybrid should cost way more than it actually does!

    3. This genius duster is ideal for cleaning Venetian blinds – AKA the most annoying chore known to mankind.

    4. If you're in the market for a new computer mouse, might I suggest this wireless one? I can guarantee it'll make your WFH setup feel so much smoother.

    5. You can hook this adjustable caddy over your shower door or shower head, or attach it directly to your bathroom tiles. It fits a surprising amount and even has space for multiple loofahs and razors underneath!

    6. These colourful fine-tipped pens are excellent value for money!

    7. This ultra soft blanket is unbelievably cosy! Customers say it's of a really high quality and lasts well through multiple washes.

    8. These stylish blackout curtains have a heat insulating design, so will keep your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    9. This memory foam pillow provides lumbar support while looking almost unnecessarily sleek. It's portable, so is easy to pop onto any chair or car seat.

    10. This weighted blanket evenly distributes pressure over your entire body for a ~properly~ restful night's sleep!

    11. And while we're on the subject of sleep, this memory foam pillow is super breathable to keep you cool throughout the night – even if a heatwave decides to finally rock up.

    12. This adjustable stand will keep your laptop or monitor at *exactly* the right height for utmost levels of comfort. It even offers extra storage space underneath for your keyboard or other bits and bobs!

    13. This chic herringbone print shower curtain is just over a tenner!

    14. These reusable silicone baking mats will help you reduce your waste and save money in the long run! The non-stick base also means you won't have to use any extra oil for greasing.

    15. This tile print duvet cover set looks far more expensive than it actually is. The microfibre material is very soft and wrinkle-resistant too!

    16. This fluffy textured throw somehow manages to be fashionable and snuggly at the same time.

    17. These slim velvet coat hangers are perfect for children's clothes!

    18. This skipping rope has weighted handles so you can build muscle while you work up a sweat.

    19. This yoga mat is made of a high-density material that's comfy yet durable. The grippy surface provides extra stability and can we please talk about this gorgeous lime green colour?

    20. This lovely mint and grey piece is quite simply the perfect bedside table – just look at all that storage!

    21. These glass clip-locking storage containers are incredibly durable, have a super secure seal, and are safe for use in your oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher!

    22. People will think you got this four-piece bathroom accessory set from a bougie boutique!

    23. I think it's about time you upgraded the wobbly dining room chair you've been working from to this sleek ergonomic office chair.

    24. This super sturdy tripod has a 4.6-star average rating from over 54,000 reviews! Customers love how versatile and easy it is to use.

    25. This dog waste bag and dispenser set makes picking up your best mate's poop about as sleek as it can be.

    26. And the same goes for these pet training pads. They have a super-absorbent core that turns liquid to gel upon contact for a mess-free clean up.

    27. This phone stand features handy holes which allow you to charge your phone while using it.

    28. Finally, this 15-piece non-stick cookware set is of a really high quality and *very* reasonably priced!