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    7 Things From The "Harry Potter" Movies That Make Zero Sense

    Make it make sense!

    1. Why did Hermione lie to Professor McGonagall about the troll?

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    Hermione literally just went to the bathroom when a troll appeared, but she lied to Professor McGonagall and said that she went to fight it herself. Just why?

    2. Wizards probably wouldn't need glasses.

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    There's a spell to fix broken bones. So there probably is a spell used to fix Harry’s eyesight, right? This could prevent his glasses from falling when he’s doing something wild.

    3. Why wouldn’t Hermione’s parents fix her teeth?

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    Hermione’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, were both dentists. So they should’ve had the ability to fix Hermione’s buck teeth, right?

    4. Why aren’t some spells illegal?

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    Some spells might be fatal. For example, Fiendfyre can cause some out of control and dangerous fire. And other spells like Engorgio Skullus, which can enlarge the skull, or Petrificus Totalus might also cause death if you petrify a person in front of a lake. Shouldn't some deadly spells be illegal?

    5. Why host something as dangerous as the Triwizard Tournament?

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    The Triwizard Tournament was banned in 1792, according to the books, but why host it again when you already know it’s dangerous? The contestants are just teenagers, and the tasks are advanced and might be harmful like battling dragons and merpeople. It's very dangerous and should’ve been banned.

    6. Why do you need permission to go to Hogsmeade?

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    So why do you need permission and must be a third-year or above to go to Hogsmeade? Remember in the first film, Hagrid took the first-years to the Forbidden Forest for detention? And I don’t think Honeydukes is more dangerous than the Dark Forest with werewolves, centaurs, and murdered unicorns.

    7. Why didn’t Harry die when the Basilisk venom went into his body?

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    In Chamber of Secrets, Harry’s arm got stabbed by a Basilisk and the Basilisk venom went into Harry’s body. Why didn’t he die instantly? I mean, most horcruxes were destroyed instantly after being stabbed, but not Harry. I know Fawkes came and saved his life but not right after Harry got stabbed.