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Five Photos That Will Change The Way You See Las Vegas

This photos will make you see Las Vegas from a completely new perspective.

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1. The famous Las Vegas Strip doesn't look so glamorous during the day. Without its flashy bright lights, it looks like any old concrete jungle in the United States.

Prayitno / Via

2. There's more to Vegas than hotel resorts and casinos. Surprise! People actually live in Las Vegas. The city's suburbs, although nothing special to look at, are rather extensive.

Daniel Ramirez / Via Flickr: danramarch

3. Is this a dream landscape or a psychedelic trip? Nope. It's art at the Bellagio. Bet you didn't know the Bellagio Hotel & Casino Resort has more than Cirque's "O" and a flashy fountain show.

nestor ferraro

4. Did you know the All Saints store in the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino displays 1100 sewing machines? Proof that Vegas is both fascinating and weird.

Jim G / Via

5. Sin City is well known for its rich and famous visitors and performers but - like any big city - it has its fair share of poverty, too.

Paul K
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