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11 Small Steps You Can Take Today To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Because there is only so much kale one person can eat.

1. Drink. More. Water.

2. Get into mocktails or juices.

3. Go for a five-minute power walk.

4. Give your hands a good wash.

5. Ask your doctor whether you're up to date with your vaccinations.

6. Permission to get your eight hours: granted.

7. Ban yourself from taking the escalator.

8. Change up your commute every once in a while.

9. Get your lunge on.

10. Take a time-out and meditate.

11. Get to know your body.

Not sure whether you are up to date on the vaccinations you may need? Speak with your healthcare provider for advice and guidance. The Vaccinate for Life tracker (produced by GSK) can also help this conversation and is one more way to help you stay healthy

UK/VGU/0001/19a, date of prep. April 2019