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16 Reasons To Take Vacation Time To See “Vacation”

It's just like every vacation you've ever not taken. Join the next generation of Griswolds on their family Vacation, in theaters July 29.

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1. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Griswolds.

2. Not those Griswolds. THESE Griswolds. "Griswolds 2.0."

3. Rusty is taking his family on an epic cross-country vacation, just like his dad did 30 years ago.

4. But this vacation is going to be totally different.

5. This time, the Griswolds have a sleek, modern ride.

Behold the 2015 Tartan Prancer, AKA the "Honda of Albania."

6. It's packed with chic features, like a driver's-side swivel chair, so what could go wrong?

7. In fact, don't even think of it as a vacation. Think of it as a quest. A quest for fun.

8. Because, ultimately, the Griswold family is probably a lot like yours. They explore new places together.

9. There's some healthy sibling rivalry.

10. There's Dad, imparting wisdom.

11. And there's Dad, being awkward. That's just normal.

12. There's Mom, stepping up and taking control of high-pressure situations...

13. ...and occasionally letting high-pressure situations control her.

Because oh, hey, Chris Hemsworth.

14. The kids learn how to make their own fun, just like kids ought to.

15. After all, this isn't your dad's vacation.

We promise.

16. So buckle up, cause we're going to Walley World!

And we're all gonna have so much f-cking fun we're gonna need plastic surgery to remove our goddamn smiles!

Hit the road and see Vacation, in theaters July 29.

All images courtesy of Warner Bros