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11 Picturesque Places In Wyoming Perfect For Any Outdoor Enthusiast

Explore the terrain and your career options as you embark on your next adventure to the University of Wyoming.

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1. Lake Marie

Instagram: @anka_fm

Located by Medicine Bow Peak, Lake Marie is one of the most beautiful locations to grab a pic in the Snowy Range. Named after Mary Bellamy, who was the first woman elected to the Wyoming State Legislature in 1910, Lake Marie is a great place for fishing, hiking, and enjoying Mother Nature.

2. Vedauwoo

Instagram: @jeremymiller4

Situated in the southeastern part of Wyoming at an altitude of 8,200 feet, Vedauwoo is a climber's paradise. Known as the “Land of the Earthborn Spirit” to the Arapaho Indians, Vedauwoo visitors will definitely be seen taking selfies from the unforgettable rock formations.

3. Hidden Falls in Curt Gowdy State Park

Instagram: @taratbrunner

Found in the foothills of the Laramie Mountains, Curt Gowdy State Park is perfect for fishing, camping, and water sports. The Hidden Falls located in the park is the perfect place to post a pic to social media.

4. Cirque of the Towers

Instagram: @cole_bradburn

If you love alpine climbing, then you will love the jagged granite peaks of Cirque of the Towers. Climb up Pingora Peak, Wolf’s Head, and Warbonnet Peak to snag a pic that will leave your followers in awe.

5. Grand Teton National Park

Instagram: @kamberlyann

Want a memorable picture to show the kids one day? Then you need to capture the serenity of Grand Teton National Park. You can explore over 200 miles of trails, navigate down Snake River, or camp out in this piece of natural paradise in northwestern Wyoming.

6. Thermopolis

Instagram: @kalequail

Literally a geological hot spot, Thermopolis claims to be the home of the world's largest mineral hot spring. Visitors can take in the sights at Hot Springs State Park, the most-visited state park in Wyoming, or the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

7. Devils Tower

Instagram: @jay_bermejo18

Devils Tower is a distinct geological landmark that is sacred and holds a spiritual connection to many of the Native American tribes in the Black Hills area. Tourists and climbers alike can visit our first national monument to capture a place that has been revered for many years.

8. North Platte River

Instagram: @stephenshrock

Pose up next to your catch of the day on the North Platte River. Enjoy fishing and water activities in one of the main waterways in the state of Wyoming.

9. Saratoga

Instagram: @sagebrush // SAgeBrushArt (Loren Connett) // Couple: Rami and Sylvia

Though it is known for its hot springs, Saratoga is also situated by Elk Mountain, Sierra Madre Mountains, and the Snowy Range Mountains. Fisherman, hunters, bird-watchers, and climbers can look to Saratoga as an ideal destination.

10. Bighorn Mountains

Instagram: @sehaux

The Bighorn Mountains call north central Wyoming their home. Make sure you have enough storage on your phone for this diverse landscape, which offers horseback riding, trails, campgrounds, hunting, and fishing.

11. Green River Lakes and Squaretop Mountain

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Just as if it were pulled off the Wyoming license plate, you could capture a perfect picture of Green River Lakes and Squaretop Mountain on your next outdoor adventure.

The first step to posting that pic of your University of Wyoming degree with a scenic view in the background is to actually apply! Be a Cowboy today!

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