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Why The University Of West London Is Obviously The Best University Ever!

It's that time of year we look back and think...why is UWL so goddam great?

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1. UWL Shuttle Bus

So you are probably thinking, well this isn't that special...but how many times a year do you get free transport to and from classes, your home or even just to go to the tube station...

2. Freddie Mercury went here!

Most universities when they look at their alumni, you would find some writers, a few athletes and maybe a politician came through their gates.

But here at UWL, we don't do things in halves...FREDDIE MERCURY sat in the same classroom as you! He ate the same food you are eating (kind of)! He even opened his own bar! (That one isn't true but check out Freddie's Bar and Coffeehouse in his honour)

The greatest lead singer and lyricist of all time, yeah he came to UWL!

3. The best Student's Union in the UWLSU

When it comes to student representation, advice services, student communication or even commercial outlets, there is not a single Student's Union in the UK that does it better than UWLSU...

We aren't even making this up, millions of students across the UK spoke and you voted UWLSU as the best for student satisfaction...*drops the mic*

4. We have won Varisty every year since it started

We play University of Westminster in every sport possible and we are just so good, that we win over and over and over again...enough said.

5. If you want a job after University in 2018...there is nowhere better than UWL

We are the top modern university in London for graduate employment and our alumni have higher starting salaries than those of any other modern university in the capital, we want you all to have the best life possible.

97% of our graduates are in employment or further education within 6 months!

6. £150 million has been spent on facilities and they are WORLD CLASS!

Whether it is the Mock Court Trial rooms, the Heartspace, the Paul Hamlyn Library, Pillars or Feast, Weston Hall or Freddie's Bar...UWL is the one of the most modern and top facilitated campuses in London.

Why would you go anywhere else?

7. They offer so many Bursaries and Schlorships

There are so many scholarships and bursaries open to new and current students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level!

They vary from University-wide bursaries to school-specific scholarships such as the Undergraduate Bursary scheme which consists of a £3,000 award for undergraduate students who are starting their course in January 2018!

Bursaries and scholarships also run across the eight different schools for prospective and current students. These discounts range anywhere from £500 to £4,250, it is like getting paid for being smart!

8. Support? We have more support than a bra!

Starting university can be daunting, that’s why we are here to help you during your time with us.

Before you even begin life at UWL we can support you with advice on funding, accommodation and so much more! Throughout your time at the University you will have access to mentoring sessions, your own personal tutor and support from the students’ advice team.

The Wellbeing Team provides confidential assistance for disabled students that ranges from alternative exam arrangements to dyslexia tutors.

9. and finally...we have some of the best students to ever pick up a book!

You...yes you ,reading this fantastic article (which you should obviously share), you are the reason that UWL is the best University on planet Earth and you make it amazing every single day with your passion, engagement and beautiful faces!

Do not ever change!

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