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Top 10 Most Delicious Foods To Try Abroad

Curious to know what Waterloo students are eating abroad? Here are the top ten most delicious dishes and delicacies they have tried.

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10. Portugal's Pastel de Nata.

Jessica Needham

Pastel de nata is a delicious egg tart pastry filled with custard. It is popular in Portugal and regions with large Portuguese populations. If you started baking it right now, you could be enjoying them in only 40 minutes!

Jessica Needham, Fall 2014
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

9. Filipino Paella.

Nathan Yim

Paella is a rice dish that originated from Spain. Filipino Paella usually consists of green beans, assorted meats (shrimp in this case) and seasoning (notably saffron).

Paella is widely regarded as Spain's national dish and due to Spain's historical influence on the Philippines, paella is popular in the Philippines as well.

Nathan Yim, Winter 2015
Chinese University of Hong Kong

8. French Cassoulet.

Mitchell Grant

Cassoulet is a slow-cooked casserole with meat (either pork sausages, goose, duck or mutton), pork skin and white beans. Cassoulet is named after the small cooking dish it is made in, a "cassole,"and originates from the south of France.

Mitchell Grant, Winter 2015
Université Stendhal, France

7. Thai Tom Yam Kung.

Jiwon Kang

Tom Yam Kung is a spicy, sour prawn soup with many fragrant spices and herbs. Student Jiwon Yang, who took this artistic photo of tom yam kung he had somewhere along the riverside of Bangkok, describes it as "a dish so full of flavours that it awoke my taste buds!” That must be some incredible soup!

Jiwon Yang, Winter 2015
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

6. Kangaroo Steak.

Roslind Menzies. Kangaroo Steak at The Old Brewery, Perth

Locally hunted, locally prepared and served with an Australian accent! After tasting it, it's doubtful you'll ever look at these animals the same…

Rosalind Menzies, Winter 2015
University of Western Australia

5. An English Cornish Pasty.

Yaeyeoun Kim

Thought to be the national dish of Cornwall, England, a cornish pasty includes diced or minced beef, onion, potato and swede (rutabaga), lightly seasoned with pepper and wrapped in a pastry.

Fun fact, Cornish Pasties have "protected status" from the European Commission, meaning only pasties made in Cornwall according to the traditional recipe can be called "Cornish Pasties".

Taeyeoun Emily Kim, Winter 2015
University of Exeter, United Kingdom

4. Malaysian Ice Kachang.

Andrew Andrade

Ice Kachang is a delicious and beautiful dessert which originated in Malaysia. It is best described as a snow cone consisting of shaved ice loaded with coloured syrups, condensed milk and toppings such as jelly, red beans (kachang means beans in the Malay language), sweet corn, attap chee (palm seeds), kiwi, strawberry and other fruits. The very best vendors describe it as "art in the form of shaved ice".

Andrew Andrade, Winter 2015
National University of Singapore

3. Philippines Seafood Platter.

Kathy Liu

From Boracay, Philippines you have fresh oysters, mussels, shrimp, fried rice, spring rolls, calamari, sting ray, chicken, mango, watermelon, tomato salad, and salted duck eggs served on a beautiful platter. There isn't really anything else we can say, but yum!

Kathy Liu, Winter 2015
National University of Singapore

2. Cream Tea from England.

Tian Shu Luo & Claire Tang

Cream tea is a combination of scones, Cornish cream, jam and a pot of tea. Cream tea is a light version of the traditional English afternoon tea and originated from Devon and Cornwall in Southwest England. The scones are delicious and not as sweet compared to the extravagant afternoon tea.

Tian Shu Luo, Winter 2015
University College London, United Kingdom

1. Japanese Sashimi

Jane Li

Sashimi is a Japanese dish consisting of fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin pieces. Sashimi is traditionally thought to be the finest dish in Japanese cuisine. It can be served with various types of meat. This particular dish was served at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

Jane Li, Winter 2015
National University of Singapore

Need a beverage?

Chelsea Haemel

How about a cool cup of fresh mountain water from Bergen, Norway?

While not technically a food, this beverage looks so appetizing it was included. This particular cup was taken during a tour of the fjords when Waterloo student Chelsea Haemel stopped by a waterfall coming off the mountains, held out a bucket and scooped up some mountain water!

Chelsea Haemel, Winter 2015
Technical University of Denmark

Do any of these dishes tempt you? Or, have you tried a meal or beverage on your travels that you think should be on this list? Tell us in the comments below. And, if you’re interested in learning more about study abroad opportunities talk to one of the Global Learning Coordinators by emailing

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