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Top Events From The Centre For Student Engagement This Year

Exams are just around the corner, which means the school year is almost over. We are counting down the top 5 events from CSE this year.

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Human Living Library

The human living library gave student an opportunity to talk with UTM Alumni (AKA the Books) in a casual, cosy setting. It gave students insights into jobs they would like pursue in the future, network with individuals from their field, and get to know graduates. Not to mention, there was free food!

UTM Alternative Reading Week

Alternative Reading Week (ARW) was an opportunity that gave students a chance to learn more about, and to understand the local issues within the Region of Peel.

This was exchange experience in which students and community groups are mutually beneficial from one another. Volunteers got involved with Non-Profits around the Region of Peel for the three days of ARW where they engaged in a variety of fun team building and community development activities.

Native Invent: Sharing Our Path

In celebration of UTM’s 50th Anniversary, The Centre for Student Engagement, in collaboration with Hart House and the Canadian Mutlcultural Inventors Museum, presented “Native Invent: Sharing our Path” a celebration of Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples contributions to the world of Innovation.

The event started off with an opening celebration by Cat Criger, Wendy then continued on to shed light on various indigenous traditions, diction, medicinal facts, Clan systems and more.A huge variety of food was catered by traditional chef Johl Ringuette. They were given as bite size snacks and included appetizers and main course dishes, to really give a taste of their traditional food. Francis Jeffers of the exhibit was on hand to lead activities, answer questions and walk people through the exhibit providing additional facts and information. After a quick break, Cat Criger finished it off by explaining how ceremonies are ended traditionally in indigenous cultures, and answering a few questions.

Celebrating Community Engagement at UTM Social

This year UTM volunteers with the Centre for Student Engagement completed over 93,000 hours in the community!! This was an amazing accomplishment that the CSE wanted to celebrate alongside all volunteers/ community partners/ team leaders and students that were interested in volunteering in the future!

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