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Native Invent: Sharing Our Path

In celebration of UTM's 50th Anniversary, The Centre for Student Engagement, in collaboration with Hart House and the Canadian Mutlcultural Inventors Museum, presented "Native Invent: Sharing our Path" a celebration of Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples contributions to the world of Innovation.

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Opening Ceremony

The event started off with an opening celebration by Cat Criger, welcome remarks by UTM's Interim Vice-President & Principal, Professor Ulli Krull and Hart House Warden John Monahan followed by a special guest; Wendy Phillips, a Ceremonial Leader, Indigenous Spiritual Educator, and Traditional Indigenous Healer.


A huge variety of food was catered by traditional chef Johl Ringuette. They were given as bite size snacks and included appetizers and main course dishes, to really give a taste of their traditional food. A lot of the food was vegan and gluten free, as wheat and dairy weren't used in traditional foods before.


Francis Jeffers of the exhibit was on hand to lead activities, answer questions and walk people through the exhibit providing additional facts and information. It included the true origins of inventors and innovations that led to maple syrup, popcorn and tobaggons.

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