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What I Learned About The World By Being In The Coast Guard

We all have a lot to learn about the world, and a career with the Coast Guard is a great way to get started!

We asked five active-duty enlisted members what they've learned about the world during their time in the U.S. Coast Guard. Here's what they had to say:

We're All in This Together

MST2 Robert Alvarenga taking a selfie in military clothing in front of cherry blossom trees in South Korea

Small Acts Make Large Waves

SN Kate Kilroy poses on the bow of a ship. The coast of Greenland is in the background.

The World Is Different to Everyone

YN1 Christian Hazzard poses with a senior officer after receiving an award

Hard Work Pays Off

Chief Petty Officer Deren Perez poses on the bow of a U.S. Coast Guard ship

You Can Become Your Own Motivation

FA Tyrique Parker, dressed in formal military clothes, shakes hands with an older relative

Images provided courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity to serve in America’s elite force of maritime defenders with the U.S. Coast Guard!