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12 Incredible Facts About Sea Animals That Will Make You Say "No Way!"

These animals get our seal of approval! Get it?!

1. Sea otters have a secret pocket of skin near their armpits to store food.

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Who doesn't need a built-in snack pouch?

2. Beluga whales have an adorable language of chirps and squeaks that have earned them the nickname "canaries of the sea."

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They can even mimic human speech!

3. Certain species of male penguin "propose" to their lady with a pebble during mating season.

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If you liked it, then you shoulda put a pebble on it.

4. Seahorses are among the only species in which the male gives birth and takes care of the young.

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Get yourself a man who can do both.

5. While manatees may have more in common with dolphins or whales, they are actually related to elephants!

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They even have toenails on their flippers that resemble an elephant's foot!

6. Mama harp seals can find their young in a giant crowd just from their pup's distinct scent!

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That lil' pup probably smells like cotton candy and snuggles.

7. Jellyfish have been around longer than dinosaurs and have survived five mass extinctions!

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Jellies will rule us all one day.

8. Also, there's a jelly that looks like a fried egg and it's basically the greatest thing ever.

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That's one egg-cellent jelly.

9. Clownfish and anemones are best friends!

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Clownfish develop a tolerance to the anemone's toxin and provide food in exchange for protection.

10. Besides being cute as hell, pinecone fish have natural headlights that help them find food!

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Nothing to see here. Just a swimming pinecone is all.

11. Dolphins sleep with one eye open!

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This is because they sleep with one half of their brain at a time in order to protect themselves from predators and to prevent drowning.

12. Sea turtles usually return to same beach used by their mothers to lay their eggs.

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Mother always knows best!

The ocean is filled with adorable and amazing creatures! Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!

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