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If You Wanna Feel Sad, Look At These Sad Animals Missing Out On The Fun

Greg feels left out. Let Greg sit at the dinner table. Anyone can feel FOMO, but U.S. Cellular believes nobody should have to miss out. That's why they created a 50% off deal on smartphones, through March 19, for everyone.

1. Will somebody please tell Nathan that Gilbert's got his shovels and he's ready to goat?

2. Hey fren, fren in front. Look at sweet Dolly in the back. Frankly she is gutted you didn't give her first dibs on silly trunk smooches.

3. Pickles just wants your scritches approximately on or around the top of his head. Don't deny Pickles scritches.

4. Donatello has seen a squirrel he would quite like to chase, but dang ole BYRON won't let him play. Rude, Byron.

5. Rachel doesn't hare at all, denying this hungry boy the carrot he so desperately wants.

6. Buttons is about ready to pounce on this birb, but her mom won't let her outside because she "doesn't listen" and "can't play nice." LIES.

7. Kinda hard for these lil' dudes to not hear, see, or speak no evil when Bill is hoggin' all the tasty bananas.

8. H*ck. Greg sat. Greg was quiet. Greg behaved like a good boy, but they still chuckled through dinner without him. Poor Greg.

9. Caramel knows that life would be better for you if you would just let her in so she could be a heat blanket for your lap.

10. Sandals approaches minute 20 watching longingly as his beloveds frolic on the beach. Sandals will never forget this injustice. But Sandals still loves his beloveds.

11. Macey waits. Macey yearns to chase her chonky friend Titus. Macey is missing out. But Macey is the good girl. She is let out. She plays.

Animals, humans, organisms. Nobody should have to feel FOMO. That's why U.S. Cellular created a 50% off smartphones deal for everybody, so nobody misses out.

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