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15 Reasons To Be Proud Of The Military This Veterans Day

For everything done and everything sacrificed. To all who dared to take an oath to protect and serve, thank you.

1. They answered the call to take a rough road...

FPG / Staff / Via Getty Images

Often the road less traveled.

2. order to ensure the well-being of the people back home.

Photo12 / UIG / Getty Images

A US Navy pharmacist's mate helps a wounded German soldier taken prisoner in France to eat aboard a landing ship carrying prisoners to camps, in England (June 1944). (Photo by Photo12/UIG/Getty Images)

3. It was a life of hard work and perseverance.

Hulton Archive / Stringer / Via Getty Images

4. They always stood tall and took their mission head-on without hesitation.

http://U.S. Navy / Handout / Via Getty Images

5. They provided the light in our darkest hours.

USAF / Handout / Via Getty Images

6. They took on every wave that was thrown at us.

http://U.S. Navy / Handout / Via Getty Images

7. They climbed to the top of every mountain in our path.

ohn Moore / Staff / Via Getty Images

8. And they lifted us up...

http://U.S. Navy / Handout / Via Getty Images

9. soar higher than we ever thought possible.

Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Via Getty Images

10. Against tremendous odds, they raised the flag in the name of freedom for all.

MPI / Stringer / Via Getty Images

11. In the end, they come home to open arms...

John Moore / Staff / Via Getty Images

12. ...and open hearts.

Brendan Smialowski / Stringer / Via Getty Images

13. They are in the service of liberty.

Jeff Bottari / Stringer / Via Getty Images

14. Dedicated to protecting every American.

John Moore / Staff / Via Getty Images

15. And every American is proud to thank the Armed Forces for their service this Veterans Day!

John W. McDonough / Sports Illustrated / Getty Images

To all who dared take this oath and serve their country, USAA is proud to salute you.

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