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12 Small Daily Sacrifices You Can Make To Save Money

Every penny counts! Saving money can be pretty intimidating. With these small tips from USAA, you could be well on your way to extra cash in no time!

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1. Just bundle up when it gets cold!


Wear layers, or take a hint from this dog and curl up in a warm blanket. Leave the thermostat alone when it's cold out, and enjoy a lower energy bill!

2. Start taking cold showers, but make it quick if you find this uncomfortable.


You'll save money on your energy bill, and if you take shorter showers (because why wouldn't you, cold showers are the worst) you'll also save on your water bill!

4. Ditch the cart when shopping for groceries.


No matter how hungry you are, you'll only be able to buy what you can fit in a basket or your arms. (Also, shopping when hungry is just a bad idea anyway.)

5. Give up juice and soda, and drink water instead!


Instead of blowing $5 here and there on carbonated and sugary drinks that you don't really need, save that money and just drink water. Plus, you'll also stay hydrated!

6. Put aside $10 every week and save up for something you really want.


Use this to avoid splurging on impulse purchases. This will help you save for things you want, and you have to think about it extra hard while you save up!

9. Make your own coffee! It's cheaper, and it's just a good skill to have.


It's cool to be able to understand coffee more than what flavor lattes the local shop has to offer. Cheaper too.

12. Ditch the car every chance you get!


Take advantage of public transportation or carpooling... this way you not only save money on gas, but also on vehicle maintenance costs. You can be productive on your commutes this way as well.

USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.

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