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10 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong With Your Money

It's the small things that count. Here are some little things in your daily routine that you can change to save big. Instead of spending money, save it and plan for your future with USAA!

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1. Overpaying for coffee each morning.


If you spend $4 a day on coffee, that's $20 a week... and close to $1,000 per year. You could have just made coffee at home and invested all that money instead!

2. Paying ridiculous ATM fees.


It's just too easy to rack up fees by using ATMs that aren't on your bank's network. That's money you are paying in order to use your own money. Not cool.

3. Buying things you don't need.


If you have to wonder where you're going to store your new sweater, you probably don't need it. Save that money instead for something you ACTUALLY need.

4. Paying interest on your credit card balance.

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Always pay off the balance on time so you avoid those insane interest rates. Or else you're just being charged extra money to spend money in the first place.

5. Not paying for things in cash.


Using cash physically limits you from overspending, and forces you to think harder about a purchase before you make it.

6. Paying those subscriptions each month.


Internet tv, cable, your phone's data plan, streaming music — it all adds up. Cut out the things you don't really need, and enjoy having a full bank account instead.

7. Not putting enough money into savings.


You should be putting at least 20% of your paycheck into a savings account. Make this a priority. Now!

8. Using too many credit cards.


When you spread your purchases out over multiple cards, it’s tough to keep track of your spending. This can also hurt your credit score if you maintain a balance on all of them.

9. Not automating your bill payments.

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Avoid late fees by setting up your bank account to pay the bills automatically. Don't wait until the last minute and risk being late.

10. Buying lunch every day.


This is a no-brainer. $8 a day, $40 a week... you'll easily drop $2,000 in a year. A good chunk of that could have gone to your 401k!

USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.