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Paid PostNov 13, 2013

10 Reasons Military Spouses Seriously Rule

These people are tough as nails. Military spouses are a special breed, dealing with whatever life throws at them and STILL managing to stay positive. They've got our service people's backs, just like USAA.

1. Being a military spouse means falling in love with someone who chose to serve.


They knew the risks of being married to a service person, and they STILL did it.

2. They make the best of whatever time they have together, and have a good time doing it.


Why fight over who left the toilet seat up when you could just be hanging out instead, right?

3. The moves are frequent and tedious, but they get through it.

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It's not easy always being on the go, but they'll have some great stories by the end of it.

4. They are incredibly independent individuals.


Even if they feel alone from time to time, they know how to find happiness in the little things.

5. Military spouses are the EPITOME of today's modern super mom (or super dad)!


They do the cooking, cleaning, driving kids to practice, attending games, enforcing homework... all on their own.

6. Making friends in a new town isn't easy, but they learn how to be really good at it.


What's awesome is, in the end, they pretty much have friends from all over the world.

7. They are the masters of squeezing in a late-night Skype session at a moment's notice.


They are so good at Skype that they make it pretty much feel like real life.

8. They are experts at writing letters and sending packages.


It's pretty rare to send or receive a handwritten letter these days, but it's actually kind of nice. Military spouses do this all the time for their service people.

9. Even when the going gets tough, they always know the best is yet to come.


Commence all the feels. All of them.

10. And when their spouses do come home, they are the happiest people in the world.


The lifestyle is tough, but it's all worth it to be with the person that matters most.

USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.