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    Experienced CFOs Increasing Small Business Cash Flow

    Just about every small business struggles with cash flow. From meeting payroll to buying more product, to covering advertising – it all takes cash and lots of it. When we talk with business owners of companies with several hundred employees, they almost always talk about worrying about cash flow. Virtual CFO Group are highly experience business finance experts. We take the smart strategies of Fortune 500 corporations and make them available to small business all over America. We give them the in-depth financial analysis they need.

    This is often the difference between success and failure for a small business. With Virtual CFO, busy business owners get the detailed, authoritative financial reports they want to gain a clearer picture of cash flow, savings, and sales over time. We even give them a step-by-step Blueprint to take their business to the next level.

    Now small businesses can smartly manage by the numbers just like major corporations do. Instead of relying heavily on intuition, past experience, and guessing; owners and managers are able to clearly see exactly what is going on in their business with a clear path forward to reach goals.

    After working with Burnett Music Group, their CEO James Burnett remarked “We now have a clear understanding of our financial statements and cash flow.”

    Dr. Kambiz Silani used our blueprint to grow his business. “They helped me move my practice to the next level and surpass the 7 figure mark.”

    Ummar Hanif was impressed with how much better he understood cash flow in his business. “I finally know where all the cash is going. Have a much better understanding of financial statements.”

    We start by working closely with owners to clearly understand their frustrations and goals. Then we go to work digging deeply into the numbers to find the truths and insights that will make an immediate and long term improvement.

    This Virtual CFO service goes a long way in helping a business to grow and thrive. It's a big step forward for any small business that wants to use the best financial strategies used everyday by the Fortune 500.

    Please contact us to talk at any time. We can be reached by phone, email, or the medium of your choice. We look forward to hearing from you.