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HUB N' Mail Oct. 23rd

Monday is the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes.

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Upcoming R.E.M. Events

# 1. Take a Paw - North Edition (Saturday Oct. 28th)

# 2. RA Chat #2

# 3. Community Experience #2

We Are Proud Of You, Yah We Are Proud Of You!

Look at this infograph. Now look at yourself. Look back at this infograph. Pat yourself on the back 'cause none of these amazing stats would be possible without all the hard work and determination put in by you and your fellow teammates! On behalf of the entire Student Housing Department, THANK YOU for all your contributions! We can't wait to take on the next 6 weeks with you!

The Final Take a Paws Event


As you should know, no matter how many times your students and their families try to sneak puppers into the building, dogs are definitely not allowed in residence. Never fear, you can try the sweat and tears from midterms in these limited edition residence approved fluffers!

Take a Paws with the St. John's Ambulance Therapy dogs will be running from 7 - 8:30 pm in the Oct. 28th in the Lambton Games Room. Don't forget to sign up at

Center for International Programs

Ever thought about studying abroad for a semester? If so, consider attending the information sessions happening in your areas: LA (FPL) on Tuesday Oct. 24th, East (FPL) on Oct. 25th, Mountain SSL on Thursday Oct. 26th.

All Sessions go from 6- 7 pm and will provide you with log-in information for the exchange system.

Rape Aggression Defence Classes


Rape Aggression Defense classes are a fantastic way for the female identified students of your community to feel more empowered. The classes are free for all female identified students but male students are welcome to join. There is no registration required but the max class load is 30 students.

The classes will be held on Oct 26th in the Lambton Games Room, Nov. 6th in Eccles, and Nov. 7th in the East Town Hall.

Halloween Haunt

On Saturday Oct. 28th at 5pm, IHC will be doing their annual trip to Wonderland for Halloween Haunt. The tickets will be $25 but hurry as tickets are selling fast!

The bus will be departing campus at 5pm and arriving back to campus at 1 am. Tell your students to pack a coat and bring a friend!

Artz Haus Presents: Haunted Haus!

Don't think you'll have time to head to Wonderland or did the tickets in your area sell out before you had a chance to grab one? Don't worry! Artz Haus has been busting their behinds coming up with something spectacular to scare you silly!! Haunted Haus will be running Saturday Oct. 28th from 7 - 11pm. Entry is only $2!

Speakers in Residence! How is Your Sleep?

Kathy Somers runs the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic at UofG, is a registered Kinesiologist, and is certified in Stress Management Education

She will be coming to residence to give practical tips and advice on how to get a better sleep, and/or adjust an undesirable sleep schedule. If you notice that your students have been spending the nights wide awake and complaining of being tired in the day time then this is the perfect speaker series for them to attend!

Me 2 We!

We are still seeking individuals interested in attending the service learning experience to the Amazon in Ecuador. This is experience is open to any Student Housing Services employee or IHC exec. For more information or to indicate interest, please contact Kristin at

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