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    25 Best Birthday Cards That Will Make Their Day

    There’s no better way to show someone you care by sending them heartfelt words on their special day. The practice of gifting someone with a greeting card can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who used the exchanging of messages to share goodwill among each other for New Year. Even Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to convey their greetings and good wishes.

    1. Say Happy Birthday with roses / Via

    This is the perfect birthday card for the woman in your life who adores roses. Also a perfect fit for mothers, grandmothers and your all-time favorite aunt.

    2. Keep the faith / Via

    Stay true to your faith while wishing the special someone in your life the most blessed of birthdays, while reminding them what a true gift life is.

    3. Be Happy

    happy birthday wishes / Via

    This beautiful array of soft colors together with a warm message of best wishes will surely steal her heart.

    4. Birthday wishes for friend

    Warm your special friend’s heart with this beautiful message expressing your gratitude for their friendship. It’s sure to tighten those friendship bonds.

    5. A rose among the thorns / Via

    Another card that shows the value you have for your friend, while combining their love of roses too. It’s a match made in heaven.

    6. Pretty special in pink / Via

    This feminine card will brighten the day of that one-in-a-million kind of friend. She’ll also appreciate that you remembered her favorite color is pink!

    7. Bright and cheerful birthday wishes / Via

    Birthdays are full of excitement and extravagance. This card reflects it perfectly and creates loads of expectation on their big day.

    8. To the best hubby in the world / Via

    It can be hard to find the perfect card for the husband in your life, but this card pretty much says it all.

    9. A teddy bear hug / Via

    What child doesn’t love soft and cuddly teddy bears? Gift them with this card and it’ll be like they’ve just received a huge bear hug!

    10. A heartfelt moment

    christian birthday wishes / Via

    Finding the right words can be hard to do. Let your card speak for itself with this truly beautiful birthday blessing.

    11. Tongue-in-cheek

    funny birthday wishes / Via

    Birthdays are certainly not serious affairs. It’s all about laughter and having a good time, and this card is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.

    12. Simple and sweet birthday wishes

    birthday wishes / Via

    Sometimes less is more. For the person in your life who isn’t big on words, this card will let them know just how much you care - without overdoing it.

    13. Cheeky and sweet birthday card

    pinterest / Via

    They say laughter is the best medicine and with this cheeky little card you’re sure to get some giggles going.

    14. Platonic and special

    pinterest / Via

    This is a great birthday card for your favorite employee or co-worker. Let them know you’re thinking of them on their special day, without getting too personal.

    15. Cute and funny birthday card

    pinterest / Via

    The word play on this card is just adorable and will fill the birthday girl or guy with a big, ‘bee-tiful’ smile!

    16. Sharp and sassy

    pinterest / Via

    This birthday card’s clever and creative words will certainly elicit a chuckle along the way.

    17. Formal yet special birthday card

    pinterest / Via

    This is a card suited for any person in your life with whom you might not have that close a relationship yet hold in high regard.

    18. Brainy brightness

    pinterest / Via

    A unique way to send them a special message on their big day. Perfect for that someone in your life who loves math!

    19. Oozing with good vibes and love

    pinterest / Via

    A gorgeous birthday card that’s all about the positive message and love its words bring to those lucky enough to receive it on their special day.

    20. A very cheesy affair

    pinterest / Via

    A clever way to bring homage to those special cheese-lovers in your life, but just about anyone will love the absolute cheesiness of this card!

    21. Handmade birthday card with love

    youtube / Via

    This unique card shows that your friendship and love is not just the run-of-the-mill, mass-produced kind.

    22. A compliment to make them smile / Via

    If there’s someone in your life whose smile is gorgeous and presence unforgettable, then this is the perfect message to share with them on their big day.

    23. Beautiful birthday blessings

    dayspring / Via

    What better way to warm someone’s heart by blessing them with joy and happiness? This card is sure to fill them with positive energy on their most special day.

    24. Cupcake delight

    25. Prosperity and peace / Via

    The perfect card for a business colleague or anyone who you wish to see succeeding in their life. This will certainly bring a sense of affirmation that good things are on their way!