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    Top 5 Countries For Legal Immigration To Europe

    European states, interested in attracting capital from abroad, offer foreigners the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in exchange for investment in real estate.

    This method of moving to Europe is one of the fastest, provided that the right specialist who provides legal support is chosen. The problem of finding a reliable immigration operator is solved at the marketplace - a list of suitable companies can be obtained in just a few clicks.

    Those who seek to live in Europe, mostly attracted to developed countries with a mild climate, stable economy, quality medicine and favorable conditions for obtaining a residence permit. Below you will find countries that are extremely popular among immigrants, as well as their advantages and the terms of programs for granting residence permits by real estate.


    Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe with a unique climate and comfortable living conditions. Among its main advantages are:

    •EU membership, providing citizens and residents with freedom of movement across Europe, high social guarantees and a decent standard of living;

    •an abundance of beaches and a favorable environmental condition;

    •high level of security, confirmed by the 2nd place in the Global Peace Index rating;

    •rich cultural traditions, beautiful architecture.

    Portugal grants residence permits to third-country nationals who buy properties worth 500,000 EUR or more. Applicants can also purchase properties worth 350,000 EUR or more, which are to be renovated, were built more than 30 years ago or are located in urban regeneration areas.

    The main applicant can include his/her spouse as well as minor children and financially dependent relatives in his/her immigration application. A resident of Portugal is required to visit the country for 7 or more days in the first year and 14 or more days in each of the following years.


    A wonderland of sun, wine and restless spirit, located in the southwest of Europe. Thousands of foreigners come to Spain every year to migrate, thanks to the following advantages:

    •the state is a member of the EU and a party to the Schengen Agreement, which allows citizens and residents to visit European countries without visas;

    •spain was ranked second in Europe in terms of living standards in 2020;

    •the local health care system is one of the best in the world and is in the top ten of the WHO rating;

    •the abundance of beaches and mild climate make Spain especially attractive to holidaymakers.

    In order to obtain a Spanish residence permit, an alien must acquire one or more properties. Initial residence status is granted to the candidate for 2 years, and subsequently it can be extended, if there is reason to do so.

    Together with the applicant, his/her spouse, children and parents have the right to reside, work, conduct business and study in the country. Owners of real estate in Spain do not have to reside in the country in order to maintain their immigration status.


    Greece is a Mediterranean country that fascinates foreigners with its bright sunny nature, rich cultural heritage, unique architecture and the rare kindness of the locals. Those who seek to apply for a Greek residence permit are attracted by the following advantages:

    •The country is a member of the EU and a party to the Schengen Treaty, so its citizens and residents can freely enter most European countries;

    •Greece has a favorable climate and excellent conditions for seaside vacations;

    •comfort seekers like the calm rhythm of life in Greece;

    •the country is considered one of the safest in Europe.

    One of the easiest ways to get a residence permit in Greece is the purchase of real estate worth 250,000 EUR or more. An important advantage of the Greek residence permit is that it is issued for 5 years at a time. A resident has the right to bring his/her spouse, parents and unmarried children under the age of 21 into the country.


    The small Balkan state is located on the Adriatic coast. The mild climate, extensive beach area and affordable prices make the country a tourist paradise and an area of rich opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is profitable to develop here hotel and restaurant business, yachting, sightseeing and other areas, demanded among holidaymakers.

    Montenegro is one of the popular migration destinations for the following reasons:

    •the country's advantageous location gives its entrepreneurs easy access to the European market;

    •the country is a candidate for EU membership by 2025, which creates a number of additional opportunities for citizens and residents;

    •before the accession to the EU, Montenegrin real estate can be purchased at very affordable prices;

    •the people of the country are friendly and hospitable to foreigners.

    Citizens of other countries have the opportunity to obtain resident status in Montenegro through the purchase of one or more local properties. There are no requirements for the amount of purchase, the only condition is the absence of any encumbrances.

    Residence permit is granted to owners of real estate for 1 year, and it can be extended until the ownership of the object is preserved. This category of residence permit does not give a foreigner the right to work and does not allow to apply for citizenship.


    Turkey is a country with a unique character and rich history, connecting Europe and Asia and becoming a cornerstone at the crossroads of cultures. No longer an empire, it remains an influential player on the world stage and attracts immigrants from all over the world. Most people seeking to move to Turkey have the following reasons:

    •the economy of the country is rapidly developing, as shown by the 17th place in the world ranking in terms of GDP;

    •Turkey is a recognized world leader in tourism, thanks to its comfortable climate and abundance of beaches;

    •quality food and affordable housing prices provide a decent standard of living in the country;

    •the level of safety and quality of medicine in Turkey is much higher than in many European countries.

    In order to obtain a Turkish residence permit, it is sufficient for a foreigner to purchase local real estate, and there are no requirements regarding its value. The applicant can include his/her spouse and minor children in the immigration application. The residence permit is valid for 1 year and can be renewed as long as the ownership of the property is maintained. After 5 years of living in the country, the resident is allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship.

    In conclusion, it should be noted that investment in real estate is the most advantageous option for obtaining a residence permit. In addition to obtaining legal immigration status, a foreigner buys property that can be rented or profitable to resell when it increases in value. That is why the purchase of real estate programs are most popular among those who plan to move to another country.