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10 Ridiculous Facts About The Mobile Phone Industry

Chances are you're being ripped off and can help.

1. "Free" doesn't actually mean "free".

2. We waste £5.4 billion each year...

3. Seven in 10 mobile customers could save £159 each year on average...

4. And that's because on average, consumers are oversold tariffs that exceed their needs by 130%.

5. We also waste £355 million a year paying for handsets we've already paid for.

6. In fact, 92% of us could be on the wrong tariff.

But it doesn’t stop there...

7. Mobile phone providers have been accused of making contracts deliberately difficult to exit…

8. Which means people are losing faith.

9. Yet, despite all of this craziness, 48% of us have never switched supplier.

10. Oh, and guessing definitely doesn't work.

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