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You're Using Your Free Time Wrong

You sure could do a lot of things with your life! *Sigh*...if only you used to clean up that dirty inbox of yours!

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1. Go for a nice walk outside!

2. Feed your dog a special treat!

3. Build a robot!

4. Learn to fly an airplane!

5. Play an instrument!

Metro Goldwyn Mayer / Via

6. Surprise your significant other with gifts!

7. Play some soccer (or "football" as non-Americans say)!

8. Make yourself some pancakes! / Via Instagram: @gregbaskwell

9. Enjoy some cherries in the sun!

10. Ride a bike!

11. Play hide-and-seek with your best friend!

12. Do some arts and crafts! It's fun! / Via BuzzFeed Arcade

13. Wrestle with a pal!

14. Treat yourself to a nice massage!

15. Throw a birthday party for someone you love!

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