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21 Extremely Satisfying GIFs To Help You Achieve Nirvana

Grab a cup of hot cocoa, sit back, and relax. Oh, and remember to breathe. Hand-picked especially for you with love from

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1. This pasta making machine will keep you hypnotized for hours if you're not careful. Cuts so good. Mmm.

2. Look at this fluffy cat plop into fluffy snow. Look at it.

3. How good do these pancakes look? The answer is "pretty darn good."

4. Heaven is real, and it is this GIF.


6. If this doesn't lower your blood pressure, then nothing will.

7. Does this GIF...strike a chord with you? Haha, amazing!

8. You've always wondered. And now you know.

9. They ought to call this the "big cool changeable puzzle table." They'd better not steal that.

10. This is what a drop of water would look like if it were metal. And it is good.

11. All the mysteries of the universe have been revealed to you.

12. Oh yeah baby, sort that change. Sort it so good.


14. Ahhhh the soothing magic of slo-mo surface tension.

15. Smell that? Someone's baking...tranquility.

16. Talk about a paper cut! Hahaha! Haha, hahaha! Wow!

17. Enjoy this clip...of a paper clip. It is manufacturing elegance.

18. It would be hilarious if this were the only letter he could write like that.

19. Here's a cannonball perfectly smashing an innocent cake. So sad, yet so soothing.


20. This is what robots dream about. Probably.

21. It doesn't matter what this thing is. All that matters is that it exists, and it is good.

Did you achieve nirvana? Of course you did. You're welcome.

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