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I Moved To Iran To Learn The Language I Forgot

For the past eight months I have been living in Tehran, where my parents were born, and learning Farsi, the language I grew up listening to. But I’m not sure how much closer I feel to truly knowing this place, or myself.

Niki Afsar One year ago

I Followed My Uncle’s Legend To Italy, And Found A New Way Forward

My great-uncle Tomas Concepcion was a legend in our family — a famed artist and politician living in a hilltop castle on the Mediterranean. When I was 20 I visited him in Italy, looking to understand how he got there, why he stayed, and what it means to be an immigrant who leaves home with hopes of building something permanent.

Albert Samaha One year ago

People In Hawaii Are Fed Up With Vacation Rentals

Hawaii residents are blaming popular vacation rental sites like Airbnb for the state's housing shortage and for disrupting their neighborhoods.

I Walked From Selma To Montgomery

I did it because walking felt like the only way to process my despair after the election.

Rahawa Haile One year ago

How Nashville Became One Big Bachelorette Party

Over the last decade, Nashville has become one of the nation’s leading non-Vegas bachelorette party destinations. The bachelorettes are a vivid symbol of the city’s rapid gentrification — and the pitfalls of a new, “experience”-driven brand of tourism.

Anne Helen Petersen One year ago

24 Vacation Rental Horror Stories That’ll Make You Want To Stay Home Forever

Bugs, mold, phantom houses, and clowns — grisly tales from travelers who decided to skip the hotels to stay in someone else's home.

Venessa Wong One year ago

I Wanted To Love Paris, But It Didn’t Love Me

When I went to Paris for a semester abroad, I thought I would find the truer, best version of myself. But I didn't realize that you don't get to choose how you'll be seen.

Jennifer Hope Choi One year ago

23 Incredible Pictures Of The World Over 100 Years Ago

Take a journey around the world to see what life was like over 100 years ago!

Gabriel H. Sanchez One year ago

Traveling As A White American Is A Privilege Most People Don’t Have

I traveled around the world as a kid, but didn’t fully understand the privilege of my citizenship and race until I came face to face with it in Cairo, in the midst of the Egyptian revolution.

Katie Simon One year ago

17 Journeys By Train That Will Change Your Life Forever

Take a slow and stunning journey by train across some of the world's most beautiful landscapes.

Gabriel H. Sanchez One year ago

I Thought Going To Korea Would Help Me Find Home

When I moved to Seoul after growing up in America, I was a foreigner who looked native. I ended up staying for three years — but eventually I had to go home.

E. Alex Jung One year ago

Meet Skateboarder Calleigh Little: "Trans Girls Can Do Whatever They Want"

Last fall, Calleigh Little attempted to be the first woman to skateboard solo across the continental United States. Along the way she battled extreme weather and encountered anti-trans strangers, but she also found community — and herself.

Morgan Sung One year ago

The Myth Of Traveling Light

Packing the bare minimum has always made leaving and coming back seem easier. But the older I get, the more I feel the weight of the miles between me and everyone I love.

Alison Willmore One year ago