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12 Ways To Look Like You're Surprised, Even When You're Not

The ability to seem surprised when you really aren't is a good skill to have during an award show. Here are some tips to making everyone believe you "really didn't see that one coming," and for more surprises, watch "Premios Juventud," July 18th at 7pm/6c on Univision.

1. Open your eyes as wide as you can:


This is a beginner's move, but it's still terrific and effective.

2. Or briefly make them disappear:


This is a nice option if losing consciousness strikes you as being a bit too much.

3. Do a double-take:


This one takes practice, but: the less you move your neck between the first look and the second, the better.

4. Pretend you don't understand the language everyone is speaking:


Whatever they're talking about, you can't keep up with it.

5. Bang on your head to convey you question your sanity:

ABC / Via

You're banging your head to kill the brain cells that didn't foresee this surprise!

6. Back away, like you don't want any part of what's happening:

CBS / Via

You just want to be left alone to lead your innocent little existence!

7. Get a little disappointed:


There are SO many other people that deserve this award/birthday party/honor/park bench nameplate more than you! They really couldn't find anyone else?

8. Put your hand on your chest:

ABC / Via

It's like you're trying to calm yourself down! Look at you trying so hard.

9. A little dance will also seem very "spur of the moment":


Here, you're imitating spontaneity with what is actually carefully choreographed manipulation.

10. Attempt to pass on the honor and the attention to someone completely:


You don't need it.

11. Or lastly... don't do anything and let the person next to you do all the work:


You could be too shocked to move!

12. If all else fails, just linger:


If there's a camera on you (which there probably is), let them get a good close-up. Never be ashamed of your beauty.