22 Things We All Remember From Spanish Class

We may have forgotten a lot of the math and science we learned in high school, but there’s tons of stuff from Spanish class that we still remember. Here are a few reasons we were quite fond of la clase de Español, and to brush up on your conjugating skills, watch Univision.

1. At the start of each year, picking the right name was muy importante:

carolineebrown / Via instagram.com

2. And learning to ask ¿Puedo ir al baño? was a close second.

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3. All the textbooks were really excited that you chose to learn Spanish:


4. The students who already spoke Spanish and were taking the class just for the credit:

5. The first thing you did when you had to use a dictionary was look for the dirtiest word on the page:

xxxsexxyllamas / Via instagram.com

6. Online translators only got you so far:

(And sometimes used tenses you weren’t supposed to know yet.)

7. Cultural food days meant you didn’t have to eat in the cafeteria:

(And you can be sure the kids who took Latin were jealous.)

8. You always lost points on essays because you could never figure out how to type the “~”:

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9. (but that stuff was important):

10. Día de Muertos was also super fun:

The Corpse Bride / Via freecocaine.tumblr.com

Especially when bread of the dead was involved.

11. Trying to figure out which assignment was worth giving up a homework pass was torturous:

sightbynight / Via instagram.com

Which is more unpleasant: writing 10 different conversations that happen at the supermarket OR re-writing a Shakira song so it’s in the future tense?

12. Nothing compared to the videos:

13. You always postponed making notecards until the day before the final:

drcw / Via Flickr: drcw

“If I just study the vocabulary, I’ll be FINE, mom!”

14. Some people thought this was how you “roll your R”

Spike TV / Via tumblr.com

15. The conversation exercises were very different than the conversations you wanted to have in real life:

jordanbattman / Via instagram.com

16. The “Sombrero of Shame” was for those who were tardy, passed notes, or talked in English:

Christopher Hsia / Via Flickr: chsia

*but most of the time it hung out elsewhere.

17. When la professora knew you couldn’t pronounce “biblioteca” and always made you read sentences that had “biblioteca” in them out loud:

Courtesy of Univision / Via entretenimiento.univision.com

18. Sometimes your Spanish expertise didn’t fit into your real life:

smilyswthrt / Via instagram.com

19. Everyone took the “floorplan” assignment really seriously:

laurenrae66 / Via instagram.com

The first time your crush looks at your bedroom is really, really important.

20. The sheer idea of oral presentations was enough to give us nightmares:

21. BINGO was the only way you could unwind after 20 minutes of struggling to tell someone the time:

michael_martinez2 / Via instagram.com

22. There wasn’t anything that Manu Chao didn’t like:

(And yes, that includes you and your lackluster Spanglish.)

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