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How To Have A 2020 Like Rubí

If there's anyone who knows how to make a comeback, it's Rubí. Tune in to Univision Monday to Friday 10p/9c, and learn how to reclaim this decade from la reina herself.

1. Walk into every room ready to make a lasting first impression. They WILL remember your name in 2020.

2. Be mindful of who you're sharing your energy with. Everyone isn't for you, and you aren't for everyone.

3. Quinces, new jobs and exes beware. This 2020 you will not be caught off guard.

4. To ghost or be ghosted? The rules of the game have changed, so let abuela know before she asks “y el novio?” at the next party.

5. Sometimes mother knows best. Just know when problems arise, you have someone there.

6. Don't let the bad times break your character. No se preocupe. Take a second to chill out, breathe, then regroup.

7. Continue forward, without letting anything or anyone get in your way.

8. They'll try to tell you otherwise, but remember, 2020 is yours.

No matter what you're aiming to achieve this new year, tune into Univision on Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 10p/9c.

All images courtesy of Univision.