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14 Signs You Literally Live For The Holidays

Who owns the holidays? YOU! Who's here to help you ship your gifts? The U.S. Postal Service® of course!

1. First of all, you're only reading this post right now because you pretty much have everything ready to go for the holidays.

2. Your shopping skills actually deserve an award.

3. You've been told that you tend to "go overboard" when it comes to decorating the house.

4. You've seen practically every single holiday movie ever, starting when you were young.

5. Your holiday arts and crafts drawer is definitely overflowing.

6. You make a mean gingerbread house and will fight anyone who says otherwise.

7. You and your tree are on a first-name basis.

8. Your house is often mistaken for the North Pole.

9. And the inside of it smells like the magical season all year long.

10. You proudly still believe that elves are real.

11. You can't even think about the holidays when they're not here yet because thinking about it actually makes you insanely upset.

12. Your yearly traditions are the most important thing on the planet.

Family first.

13. You sometimes nearly pass out from the anticipation.

14. And there is absolutely nothing that makes your heart swell more than watching someone you love open one of your gifts.

Now that you've got your presents all ready to ship, let the U.S. Postal Service® handle the rest.